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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Six: Return to Route 20

Updated on June 19, 2013

You've got your first badge, the Basic Badge, and your pokémon are stronger than ever. Leave Aspertia Gym with your head held high -

- and you'll find your first fan waiting outside. Bianca is outside, and to congratulate your win she'll give you TM27 Return, which is great for normal-type pokémon that really likes their trainers (and raising Happiness is really easy, so long as your pokémon fight regularly and stay in your party). Cheren will come out, and the two of them will register themselves, as well as Professor Juniper, in your Xtransciever, which to this point has had almost no use. You'll have a brief chat with all three, then discover why it's worth calling them all: Juniper will evaluate your Pokedex, Cheren will give you battle tips, and Bianca will tell you how much your pokémon like you. (Bianca will likely be the one you call most.)

After Bianca activates your C-Gear, an online wireless system, she'll tell you about the next pokémon gym: the Virbank Gym in Virbank City. Heal up your pokémon at the Pokémon Center, then head back to Route 20 to make your way to Virbank. Just before you get onto the route, Bianca will stop you and upgrade your Pokedex with a new feature: the Habitat List, which will tell you what pokémon are living in your current area, and where. Bianca will also tell you about rustling grass, which will be detailed at the bottom of this article.

Black 2 or White 2?
Audino (rustling grass)
Dunsparce (rustling grass)
Rare (most common during Summer)
Common (least common in Summer)

Make your way to the hiker on Route 20. Noticing your Basic Badge, he'll let you through - but not before forcing you into a battle.

Hiker Jerome

  • Riolu, level 11

Reward: 352 Pokedollars

Near Jerome are some stairs. Go down to find another trainer.

Preschooler Albert

  • Psyduck, level 10

Reward: 40 Pokedollars

Just beyond the preschooler, Cheren and Hugh will catch up with you. (Will you ever be allowed to wander in peace?) Cheren will spend a bit of time explaining about the dark green grass, which houses slightly stronger pokémon - and, occasionally, you'll run into double battles. Cheren will hand over three Peacha Berries, then take his leave. Enter the dark grass to find a Great Ball.

Just beyond the dark grass, near the base of the hill, is another trainer.

Preschooler Lin

  • Lillipup, level 10

Reward: 40 Pokedollars

Go up the stairs. On the first ledge to your right is an Antidote. Continue up and through the grass, or, optionally, go around the side of the platforms to avoid the grass and fight the trainer by the north-most stairs.

Nursery Aide Kimya

  • Dunsparce, level 11

Reward: 440 Pokedollars

This Dunsparce has a lot of HP and loves to use Rollout, so be careful of deploying flying-types against it.

On the next ledge up from the aide is a Dire Hit. Keep climbing and, beside the tunnel to Virbank City, you'll find a pair of trainers who will only challenge you if you have two pokémon in your team.

Twins Lia & Lily

  • Sunkern, level 9 (Lia)
  • Sunkern, level 9 (Lily)

Reward: 144 Pokedollars

Enter the tunnel. Inside you'll be stopped by the attendant, who will give you two Great Balls. Keep going through here and you'll reach Virbank City, home of your second gym challenge - and some other troubles which you'll be forced to clean up.


Rustling Grass

Once you chat with Bianca and learn about rustling grass, you'll begin to see this very phenomenon whenever you're wandering near shorter grass. The vast majority of the time, when you check rustling grass, you're about to get into a fight with an Audino. This might not seem like a big deal -

- save for the fact that, pound for pound, Audinos provide more experience to your pokémon than any other wild encounter in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. If you want to level up your pokémon quickly, hunt for Audinos. (Just make sure your pokémon has at least one half-decent physical attack. Special attacks don't work so well.)


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