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Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Sixteen: Nimbasa Gym

Updated on January 17, 2013

On the lookout for Nimbasa Gym's leader, Elesa, you learn that she's visiting the roller coasters - which is the home of her old gym. In essence, then, you have to go through two gyms to get to your gym leader. Yeesh. Fortunately, this place isn't quite as crazy as it was in Pokemon Black and White - though you'll still want something resistant to electric-type pokemon to wade through the trainers.

The car on the left at the entrance leads nowhere, so hop in the car on the right and ride it to the next platform. Hit the switch nearby to change the path of the car. Hop back in and it will take you to a new platform. Hit the switch by the north track, then wait for the next car to show up. A trainer will pop out and challenge you.

Rich Boy Rolan

  • Blitzle, level 24

Reward: 3840 Pokedollars

Get in the roller coaster when it rumbles back, ride to yet another platform, hit the switch, and wait for the right car. Another trainer will jump out of it at you.

Lady Colette

  • Flaaffy, level 24

Reward: 3840 Pokedollars

Jump in the car and ride to the final platform. Waiting for you is a woman who will give you a Parlyz Heal. Take it, hit the switch to the left, then ride the next car in the west back to the entrance. Leave the roller coaster and head west, where you'll find the real gym open for business.

Step inside, talk to Clyde for your usual Fresh Water, and step up onto the catwalk. You now have to face three battles before you can reach Elesa on the stage. All of them are electric-type users, so be cautious. Any ground-type can walk all over this gym, save for the occasional brush with Emolga - and even they aren't too tough when their electric-type attacks do nothing to the opposition.

Beauty Nikola

  • Elekid, level 27
  • Flaaffy, level 27

Reward: 1512 Pokedollars

Beauty Fleming

  • Flaaffy, level 27
  • Blitzle, level 27

Reward: 1512 Pokedollars

Beauty Ampere

  • Blitzle, level 27
  • Elekid, level 27

Reward: 1512 Pokedollars

Now that her fashionable cronies are out of the way, Elesa will appear on the main stage to take your challenge. Strut up to her and show her what you can do the best way you know how.


Leader Elesa

  • Emolga, level 28
  • Flaaffy, level 28
  • Zebstrika, level 30

Reward: 3600 Pokedollars

Emolga is more of a nuisance in this fight, and will probably flit in and out of battle often with Volt Switch. Flaaffy is about the same, and is so slow that you can likely one-hit KO it without taking damage yourself. Both have Static, though, so be prepared for paralysis at least once. The real danger here is Zebstrika, as it's not only fast and tough, it may surprise you with Pursuit and Flame Charge. Pursuit isn't so bad, but Flame Charge can really surprise you if you came in with a steel- or grass-type and expected little damage. Lacking ground-type moves, try to weaken Zebstrika's offensive capabilities before you go on the attack yourself.

Beating Elesa will earn your trainer the Bolt Badge. You'll also receive TM72 Volt Switch. Afterward, take a victory lap down the catwalk, then head back to the Pokemon Center to heal and prepare for the next leg of your trip. No rest for the weary.


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