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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Ten: Castelia Sewers

Updated on June 19, 2013
Black 2 or White 2?
Rare (but not when traveling with Hugh)

Hugh has run off to find Team Plasma - the boy seems to have a problem with them - and a new face, Iris, seems to have a lead on the nefarious do-badders. After you've spent an hour or so wandering Castelia City (it's a big place), follow her to Thumb Pier at the far right of the city.

Iris will be here, and she'll point out the sewer system. Hugh will run up and decide that the Castelia Sewers are the only possible place those rats could still be hiding. Follow him into the Sewers and, when you agree to his conditions, you and he will temporarily team up. Any time you get into a pokémon battle, it will be a double battle - and Hugh will automatically heal your pokémon at the end of these battles. Not bad at all, though he makes catching pokémon difficult.

Be warned: The layout of the Sewers changes from season to season! Depending on when you play, the water levels may be high or they may be non-existent. The presence of waters will block some areas and grant access to others. For the moment, this guide will assume that you're playing during Autumn or Winter.

Head down into the culvert and take the lower stairs back up to ground level. (Team Plasma is to the north; hunt around with Hugh for a while first, unless you really don't carry about the Sewer's many items and trainers.) Go south from the fellow who won't let you pass and enter the culvert again. Follow the path south, west and then back north, then up the stairs to the female scientist. She'll challenge you to a fight.

Scientist Caroline

  • Grimer, level 17

Reward: 816 Pokedollars

The door beside her is currently empty, but eventually it will serve a purpose. For now, return to the culvert and go back south. Head up the first set of stairs you see to get into a fight.

Worker Zack

  • Drilbur, level 17

Reward: 680 Pokedollars

Go north from the worker and head east. You'll find a doctor who will challenge you if you speak to him.

Doctor Heath

  • Sewaddle, level 17

Reward: 1020 Pokedollars

Heath will likely be the first doctor you encounter. For future reference, any time you beat a doctor they will serve as a mobile Pokémon Center, healing your team whenever you talk to them. Handy. Check to the right of the doctor for Leftovers, then go through the door. Inside is a scientist who will give you a new item each day.

Head back into the culvert in the previous room and follow the path back to the second set of stairs. They lead to a dead end with a X Sp. Def. Continue north and out of the culvert, then head south to challenge the janitor you probably saw pacing above.

Janitor Felix

  • Lillipup, level 16
  • Trubbish, level 16

Reward: 640 Pokedollars

Carry on south from the janitor and you'll find another culvert you can dip down into. Follow this path west to find a set of stairs; go up them and you'll be facing a worker.

Worker Scott

  • Timburr, level 17

Reward: 640 Pokedollars

To Scott's immediate right, hidden behind a wall, is a Pearl. Grab it, then backtrack to the beginning of the sewer, where you may have seen a pair of Team Plasma grunts looking at each other. To the left of them is a TwistedSpoon; snag it, then talk to the grunts.

(To access the rest of the Sewer, come back during Spring and Summer - and have Surf. Surf is required for most of the Sewer's goodies.)

The grunts aren't in the mood to talk, especially with Hugh being so hostile. They'll immediately attack and try to steal your pokémon.

Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt

  • Scraggy, level 16
  • Sandile, level 16

Reward: 1280 Pokedollars

After the grunts are beaten they'll vamoose out of the Sewers. You'll then be approached by Burgh, Castelia's gym leader, who will assure you that Team Plasma's nowhere else to be found in the Sewers. Hugh, thankful, will give you HM04 Strength, then leave the Sewers. Bad timing, too, as you're shortly confronted by an odd-looking scientist who compliments your battles skills... and then leaves. Weirdo.

Burgh will take off, offering on his way to fight you at his gym. You have a few options:

  • Train in the sewers. Not the best place, but it has a decent assortment of pokémon to catch now that Hugh is gone.
  • Explore the Relic Passage to your immediate north, through the wall. There are more pokémon to snag and trainers to battle inside. More on that in another article.
  • Check out Castelia Park. Return to the man who wouldn't let you pass by earlier. He's gone - and there's a clear path up to Castelia Park. This area is noteworthy enough, and helpful to your future explorations, that it will be the next part of this walkthrough.
  • Fight Burgh. More on that in Part Twelve of the walkthrough.

Regardless of which path you choose, you should consider going back to the Pokémon Center and healing. With Hugh gone you don't get free healing anymore. Booo!


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