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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Thirty-Eight: Lacunosa Town

Updated on June 19, 2013

Route 13 was a long haul if you decided to dawdle and collect everything, but it will ultimately lead to a single destination: snug Lacunosa Town, one of the northernmost settlements in Unova.

As soon as you set foot in town you'll be approached by Professor Juniper and Bianca. Juniper will usher you over to a nearby house, where an old woman will tell you a story of a ferocious pokémon that supposedly lived in a nearby crater. Juniper draws some comparisons to Zekrom and Reshiram, the star legendaries of Pokémon Black and White, and hastens you onwards to Opelucid Town. Yes ma'am.

But first, exploration! Lacunosa has a fair number of houses to check. The old woman's house has nothing, and her neighbour is likewise ungenerous, so head up the stairs to the left of the old woman's house and go east. In a house at the top you'll find a Metronome on the floor. (And there's no one home. Isn't this outright stealing?)

Leave the home and travel along the outer walls of Lacunosa Town to the west, then south. By a house you can't enter you'll find a Full Heal. Grab it, then head east, across the bridge, and down the stairs. You'll come down beside the Pokémon Center. Inside you'll find no items, but you will find a woman who will tell you which pokémon were with you when you beat a particular gym leader. Neat.

In the west part of town, near the town's exit, you'll run into Hugh. He'll ask if you've seen Team Plasma lately - and, sure enough, Team Plasma's head honcho Zinzolin will show up with a grunt. You and Hugh will have to get into a team battle to bring the pair to heel.


Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Zinzolin

  • Golbat, level 39 (Grunt)
  • Garbodor, level 39 (Grunt)
  • Cryogonal, level 42 (Zinzolin)
  • Sneasel, level 44 (Zinzolin)

Reward: 9480 Pokedollars

These guys aren't too hard, though Zinzolin is definitely the more troublesome of the two. His Cryogonal has a nasty habit of putting up Light Screen and Reflect immediately after the battle starts, making it much more difficult to punch through their defences. Take it out swiftly with a fighting- or fire-type move to simplify matters.

Once you've trounced the Team Plasma goons they'll take off to Opelucid City, and Hugh, impulsive as he ever was, will chase after them. There's nothing else to find in Opelucid City at the moment, so once you've healed up your team, give chase.

(Note: Lacunosa Town is adjacent to Route 12, a nicely-horizontal Route which also happens to be your next destination. The grass on Route 12 is thin yet copious, making this an excellent spot to quickly level up your pokémon against Audinos. It's still not the best place to level in the game prior to reaching the Pokémon League, but it's your best bet for the moment.)


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