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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Thirty-Two: Strange House

Updated on January 21, 2013
Black 2 or White 2?
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Black 2
Black 2
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Located a short jog away from Lentimas Town and hiding in the shadow of Reversal Mountain, Strange House is, indeed, rather strange. A quick visit inside will reveal not only an abundance of ghost-type wild pokémon, but a proclivity for moving furniture. Trainers daring to enter must know how to properly navigate the house if they want to uncover its secret.

Before entering the house, look to the fence by the stairs. The right side is complete; the left is not. Slip into the gap on the left side and head north, to the rear of the house. If you check behind the house you will find TM30 Shadow Ball, one of the best ghost-type moves ever created. This alone is reason enough to check out Strange House.

Circle back and head inside. You'll be in a lobby of sorts, one that's occupied by objects that sway creepily from side to side. You can check the top floor and the rest of the ground, but most of the doorways are blocked. In order to open them, you need to walk through the house in the proper order. Begin by going down the stairs on the ground floor, in the north-west corner.

You're now in what appears to be a library. Head east, weaving between the bookcases whenever you can. You'll find a Spell Tag blocking your way through. Grab it, then take the north path through the room and to the stairs at the far end. You can't get the item near the stairs yet, so don't bother trying.

Back upstairs you'll find the furniture has moved, exposing the room to your left. Head inside to find a trainer who's much jauntier than his surroundings.

Backpacker Boone

  • Numel, level 36
  • Sigilyph, level 36

Reward: 864 Pokedollars

There's nothing to be found in the room, so head back to the main hall and take the stairs to your right up to the second level. As you reach the landing a phantasm will appear and say a few things before vanishing again. Spooooky. Continue west along the landing, down the opposite flight of stairs, and check the previously-blocked room you'll find. There's a Full Heal on the floor.

Go back down the stairs to your left. The chairs have changed places, forcing you to maneuver a little more - but unblocking the Dusk Stone near the eastern stairs. Grab it, then go up the stairs and into the main hallway again.

The furniture has moved, allowing you access to the top three rooms. Start with the one on the right; inside is a Rare Candy. The one on the left, by contrast, has a weird trainer.

Psychic Lynette

  • Drifloon, level 36
  • Spoink, level 36
  • Drifblim, level 36

Reward: 1152 Pokedollars

Only one room to go. Check the middle door. On your way up the ghost will appear again; undaunted, plow ahead and see what lies within. It turns out to be a key item, a Lunar Wing. Once you grab it, the ghost will appear one last time, mention something about a 'pokemon' and a 'bridge', and leave you in peace. (It actually refers to the Marvelous Bridge elsewhere in Unova. Now that you have the Lunar Wing, you can go to the bridge and battle the legendary pokémon Cresselia - though you have to beat the game before you can reach said bridge.)

Once you have the Lunar Wing, your task in the Strange House will be complete. You can turn back to the main hall and leave. The downstairs rooms will still be blocked, though if for some reason you want to get inside you can rearrange the house again by going down the east stairs and coming up in the west.


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