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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Three: Floccesy Town and Route 20

Updated on January 17, 2013

Floccesy Town

After your first trip through a Route, you've met up with Alder, a crazy-haired resident of Floccesy Town. He invites you to his house to learn some new things; heed his advice, as he's the former champion of Unova. He knows what he's doing. Heal up at the Pokémon Center near the town entrance, check the house to the immediate right of the Center for an old man with a Potion, then follow Alder to the north of town.

Alder notices that you have two Town Maps. Tell him what's up and he'll reveal that Hugh is now training on nearby Route 20. You'd best give him his Map before you start on on training with Alder. Head past Alder and to the east to reach Route 20.

Black 2 or White 2?
Rare (most common during Summer)
Common (least common in Summer)

Route 20

When you enter Route 20 and head east you'll see a bridge. Beside it is a girl and a boy. The boy will immediately challenge you to a battle if you cross his line of sight, which is necessary to get across the bridge, so be ready for a battle.

Youngster Terrell

  • Patrat, level 4

Reward: 64 Pokedollars

If you beat Hugh, there's no reason you can't flatten Terrell. Sweep his Patrat away and continue along the path and north, towards the grass. Another trainer here will challenge you.

Lass Isabel

  • Purrloin, level 4

Reward: 64 Pokedollars

Another easy win. Continue north to find a Parlyz Heal in the tall grass, and just beyond that a third trainer who wants to challenge you.

Youngster Petey

  • Patrat, level 4

Reward: 64 Pokedollars

Hopefully all your battles won't be so easy. Spend some time in the grass here, levelling up your pokémon and catching more for your Pokedex. Ultimately your best choices for new recruits are Sewaddle and Pidove, though the choice is, as ever, yours.

Beyond the grass is a hiker to your right who won't let you continue east without a gym badge. Ignore him for now and check the rocks to the north; the one on the left has a Poke Ball. Backtrack, then take the bridge to the west. Further west is a cliff you can jump off to reach Floccesy Town, and north is your next destination: Floccesy Ranch.

Autumn on Route 20

You aren't done with Route 20 in the immediate future, and there's even more to explore if you come back here later during Autumn: many of the items you can't reach now (such as that item sitting tantalizingly close to the path when you first get onto Route 20) become available when fallen leaves begin to pile up. If you want to make the most of the area, either wait until Autumn (unlikely) or set your Nintendo DS' internal calendar to an Autumn month, such as September or October.


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