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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Twelve: Castelia Gym

Updated on June 19, 2013

Now that Team Plasma's been driven out of Castelia City and you've tracked down Burgh, the gym leader, the Castelia Gym is once again open for business. Feel free to head to the west part of the city and challenge the gym - though make sure you have a flying- or fire-type handy, as you're about to face down a gym full of bug-type trainers.

Immediately inside the gym you'll find Clyde waiting for you with a Fresh Water. These are still handy at this point in the game, so grab it and wander into the gym. One look at your surroundings should give you pause: the entire place consists of silken passageways that lead to unknown destinations. You'll have to trust to luck and step into these webby creations without knowing where you'll end up.

The first two chutes take you to roughly the same destination. Go through and up to the second floor, then head east to face your first gym trainer.

Harlequin Clarence

  • Sewaddle, level 20
  • Sewaddle, level 20

Reward: 640 Pokedollars

Jump in the next chute to get to the third level, then walk in front of the closed cocoon near the ledge. Another trainer will pop out.

Harlequin Jack

  • Combee, level 20
  • Swadloon, level 20

Reward: 640 Pokedollars

Enter the cocoon Jack vacated to get sucked down to the bottom floor. You'll have to face another trainer before entering the side passage and heading back up to another level.

Harlequin Gary

  • Sewaddle, level 19
  • Dwebble, level 19
  • Combee, level 19

Reward: 608 Pokedollars

Hop in the cocoon again to return to the third level. If you want to skip a battle, get in the rear cocoon entrance to be zipped past the next trainer; otherwise, get in a fight.

Harlequin Anders

  • Dwebble, level 20
  • Swadloon, level 20

Reward: 640 Pokedollars

Get in the side of this last cocoon and you'll be sucked up into Burgh's inner sanctum, a nicely-artistic space. Walk up and challenge him to a brawl; he'll happily accept.


Leader Burgh

  • Swadloon, level 22
  • Dwebble, level 22
  • Leavanny, level 24

Reward: 2880 Pokedollars

If you have a flying-type pokémon or a flying-type move (which will have to be something on a Pidove or Tranquill at this point in the game), Burgh is a joke. Dwebble aside, his pokémon are ridiculously weak on the defensive and crumble very easily. Fire-types have a similar edge. Lacking either of those, you might have some trouble: all of his pokémon know Struggle Bug, and though it doesn't hit hard it can badly chew up your Special Attack. If you rely primarily on a single pokémon, switch often to get rid of the effects of Struggle Bug. Razor Leaf is likely to hit the hardest out of Burgh's repertoire, so be prepared with a pokémon that's at least neutral to grass-type moves. Grass-type contenders have little to no place fighting in this gym.

Once you've trounced Burgh he'll congratulate you and hand over the Insect Badge, as well as TM76 Struggle Bug.

With Burgh down you'll have a grand total of three badges. Woo! The fourth isn't too far away, though you'll have to do some walking. Set out for the northern section of Castelia City. Have something strong against steel-type pokémon ready, as well -

- because when you get to the fountain, that weird, whacked-out scientist from the Sewers will be waiting. He'll introduce himself as Colress, and after sizing up your pokémon he'll tell you to follow him to Route 4. Do so and he'll reveal that the giant wall obstructing the route consists entirely of pokémon - and he'll use a device to get rid of them. He'll also challenge you to a fight.


Scientist Colress

  • Magnemite, level 21
  • Klink, level 21

Reward: 2300 Pokedollars, Protein

Colress is only a piece of cake if you have either a fighting- or fire-type pokémon on you, both of which have been reasonably available up to this point. Fry his steel-types. If you're lacking either of these, expect a long battle of attrition as you whittle away at their HP. Not necessarily hard, but very annoying.

After the battle Colress will talk more about improving pokémon, then take off down Route 4. You'd best heal up and follow him - those badges won't collect themselves.


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