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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Four: Relic Castle

Updated on June 18, 2013
Black 2 or White 2?

If you took the time to explore the Desert Resort earlier in your Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 playthrough, you probably came across what little is left of the Relic Castle. Originally a sprawling, multi-level dungeon filled with feral pokémon and the minions of the original Team Plasma, the Castle has since been reduced to a sand-filled wreck, most of which is inaccessible.

... unless, of course, you opt to come through via Relic Passage. Do that and you'll discover that Relic Castle is still alive and kicking, and there are yet treasures for the relentless hunter.

Relic Castle's final floor once consisted of a sprawling labyrinth. That labyrinth has since been restricted to a small handful of straightforward rooms. Proceed through the Castle until you come to a three-way junction; check the center of the room for a hidden Sun Stone. Continue east until you hit a dead end, where you'll find an Ultra Ball atop a heap of sand. Grab it and return to the three-way room, then go north.

At the end of a lengthy hall you'll find the main reason for coming down here: a Volcarona, a fire- and bug-type pokémon that's enormously powerful and useful in combat. It's especially good against the current members of the Elite Four, as its bug-type STAB moves are super effective against two of them. Catching it is highly recommended...

... though when you catch it is up for grabs. You should fight the Volcarona when you come down here either way; if you so desire, however, you can beat it now and then come back for it after you've beaten the Elite Four. Doing so will propel its level from 35 to 65, granting Volcarona access to much more powerful moves than it currently has. This will save you a lot of raising time... though from an EV point of view, catching Volcarona now and putting it through EV training immediately will give you many more levels to improve its stats. The choice is, ultimately, yours.

Volcarona aside, you may want to snag a Baltoy while you're down here - they're powerful pokémon, and they pop up constantly while you're in Volcarona's room. Once you've grabbed the potent firebug, however, there's not much point to the Relic Castle. Head back to Relic Passage and the surface to continue your journey.


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