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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Nine: Route 7

Updated on June 19, 2013

In a strange twist from past gym leaders, Mistralton City leader Skyla is actually around when you first come calling - and is willing to fight, to boot. This being an exhaustive exploration of Unova, however, we're going to ignore her invitation for now and go looking for Professor Juniper first. She said she was off to the Celestial Tower, and only Route 7 stands between you and that hallowed resting place of pokémon.

Head east out of Mistralton City and go north. You'll soon be confronted by a big patch of grass, over which stands a thin beam that's easy to fall from, and a path guarded by a trainer. Which you take is up to you, though if you enter the grass (which will rustle, despite appearing to be the longer, unshakable variety) you can find a Zinc and a Foongus-in-disguise (the upper item ball). You may also run afoul of a trainer who wants a Rotation Battle.

Youngster Cody

  • Stoutland, level 33
  • Deering, level 33
  • Deerling, level 33

Reward: 528 Pokedollars

If you decide to take the land route - or if you want to max out your experience and cash by going both ways - expect to face this guy instead.

Pokémon Breeder Marcus

  • Ducklett, level 34
  • Tranquill, level 34

Reward: 1088 Pokedollars

Next to the high beam is a house. Inside is a hiker who will trade you a Gigalith for an Emolga, which is possibly one of the best pokémon trade deals of all time, as you normally have to trade with another flesh-and-bloody player to get a Gigalith. Beyond the high beam you'll find a trainer waiting for a Triple Battle.

Lass Flo

  • Ducklett, level 33
  • Unfezant, level 33
  • Ducklett, level 33

Reward: 528 Pokedollars

Further north the path will run down two lines of tall grass. In the middle of the grass is a trainer.

Nursery Aide Hollie

  • Cleffa, level 34
  • Cinccino, level 34

Reward: 1360 Pokedollars

Patrolling the grass on the left side here is another trainer.

Preschooler Greg

  • Sunflora, level 34

Reward: 136 Pokedollars

A little ways west of Greg, in the grass, is a Leaf Stone. Further north is a Foongus sitting in the open, and, at the end of the road, Celestial Tower. Check behind the right side for a hidden TinyMushroom, and, hey. You're good. Piece of cake.

... only that's not the end of Route 7. You can't go in yet, we have to explore the whole thing!

East of the top of the open path is a small clearing with an item ball. Inside here is another tiny trainer.

Preschooler Chrissy

  • Darumaka, level 34

Reward: 136 Pokedollars

The item is an Elixir. Grab it and backtrack to the older trainer at the southern end of the grass path, then hop on the high beam and make your way across the grass. You'll find a house; the rock beside it has a Revive. Inside an old man will give you Pokedex entries for Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, all legendary pokémon, and the younger woman by the TV will restore your pokémon.

Head back outside and continue east. Standing beside a small ledge are two trainers, ready for a double battle.

Twins Sola & Ana

  • Seviper, level 33
  • Zangoose, level 33

Reward: 528 Pokedollars

Behind them is a pit filled with grass, topped by a walkway. On it is a patrolling harlequin you'll have to work hard to avoid - he moves fast. Otherwise, get ready for a fight.

Harlequin Pat

  • Baltoy, level 35

Reward: 1120 Pokedollars

Just beyond here is TM81 X-Scissor, one of the better bug-type moves you'll find in the game and great for knocking off psychic- and dark-type. Grab it and clamber out of the lowlands, heading north.. where you'll find more of the same thing: grass, walkways, and a harlequin.

Harlequin Ian

  • Baltoy, level 35

Reward: 1120 Pokedollars

Past this point, to the north, is the entrance to Twist Mountain. Unfortunately, you'll be stopped from entering by Marshal, the fighting-type master of the Elite Four, who insists that the inside of Twist Mountain has collapsed. You'll have to come back later... as in, after you beat the game later. NOW you can enter Celestial Tower.


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