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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Six: Mistralton Cave

Updated on June 19, 2013
Black 2 or White 2?
Drilbur (dust clouds)

First Floor

Former home to Cobalion, legendary pokémon extraordinaire, Mistralton Cave is now bereft of its majestic presence - but nevertheless remains a solid place to explore, as it's jammed with helpful items... as well as one pokémon that can grow into a hideous powerhouse with some training. (Yay dragons!)

Before you enter Mistralton Cave, you're highly recommended to have a pokémon that knows Flash. Flash is a terrible combat move, and should be put on an unused pokémon only - but it makes navigating the darkened corridors of the Cave much easier, as it can illuminate your path. Strength is also necessary to get through the cave, though one of your pokémon probably has it already.

Begin by heading south. Push the first boulder you see to the right and then down into the hole so you can cross it. Run south and up the stairs and you'll be spotted by a trainer.

Hiker Shelby

  • Boldore, level 32

Reward: 1024 Pokedollars

Carry on east and you'll find another boulder to push into place. Just past it is a man blocking a cave; he offers no explanation as to why he's here, though you'll find out for yourself... eventually. Ignore him for now and continue north as far as you can go to find a Dusk Ball down a small set of stairs. Go west after this to meet a second trainer.

Hiker Jebediah

  • Onix, level 32

Reward: 1024 Pokedollars

Push the boulder next to the Hiker to gain access to the front door of the cave. Check just north of him for a Yellow Shard, then a little ways west, on the ledge above the boulder, for a hidden Super Repel. South of him is the stairs to the second floor of Mistralton Cave.

Second Floor

Directly north of the stairs where you come out is a trainer just waiting for you to take a step in his direction.

Ace Trainer Geoff

  • Tirtouga, level 33

Reward: 1980 Pokedollars

There's nothing above the trainer, so go east, down the stairs, and push the first boulder you see into the hole to its right. A rock at the end of this short pathway contains a Green Shard. Go up the stairs, follow the path east, then when it splits go south. Head back west to find a Hyper Potion.

Backtrack and head north. Push the boulder to your left into the hole, then the next one to the west, to make an easy path back to the entrance. The stairs to the third floor are here, but ignore them and explore the rest of the second floor. Head back to the east wall and wander north to find a fourth trainer.

Ace Trainer Belle

  • Archen, level 33
  • Axew, level 33

Reward: 1980 Pokedollars

Climb the stairs near Belle and follow the path to the west to find a Blue Shard. Backtrack, then take the lower path west to the other end of the floor. Check the small dead end beside the ledge for a hidden Ultra Ball. Then hop down the ledge and proceed to the third floor.

Third Floor

Begin by running to the west. You'll find a Full Heal in a rock. Return to the second floor stairs, then go up the stairs to the east and grabb the Escape Rope off the ground. Go back down, then skirt east and all the way north to the far wall. You'll find TM80 Rock Slide on the ground, a fantastic move for demolishing flying-type pokémon.

Return to where you found the Escape Rope and head down the stairs. Push the next two boulders into their holes, then go up onto the western rise. An old man is waiting for you. Check the rock behind him for a Dragon Gem. The old man himself has a few things to say about Cobalion, the pokémon you met back on Route 6, though nothing that will help you track the beast.

Oh well. That's all for this short dungeon. Spend some time looking for an Axew, if you want its evolved form for your team - Haxorus IS a pretty awesome dragon-type pokémon - then head back outside. Time to challenge the Chargestone Cave, a den of electric-type pokémon that's a lot more difficult than Mistralton Cave. Sigh...


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