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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Three: Relic Passage

Updated on June 19, 2013
Black 2 or White 2?
Boldore (Driftveil entrance only)
Drilbur (dust clouds)
Gurdurr (Driftveil entrance only)
Raticate (Driftveil entrance only)
Rattata (Castelia entrance only)
Roggenrola (Castelia entrance only)
Timburr (Castelia entrance only)

If you've been following this guide exactly up to this point, you already know that we skipped the first section of the Relic Passage back in Castelia City. You couldn't explore the whole thing at the time, and there was nothing special in the first section, so why not? That's changed now, though - you can explore every inch of the place, so long as one of your pokémon has Strength, and there's much to be had. Once you've healed up your pokémon, head into the depths of the Relic Passage, just to the side of the Pokémon World Tournament.

Begin by heading south and taking your first left. You'll find a trainer hidden behind some rocks.

Packpacker Eileen

  • Sandslash, level 32

Reward: 768 Pokedollars

Go east from here. The bottom path near the stairs is impassable right now thanks to a hole, so take the upper path and go north the first chance you can. Up here is a trainer on patrol.

Backpacker Randall

  • Raticate, level 32

Reward: 768 Pokedollars

After beating him, check the east end of the path for a Protein, then backtrack to the divide. Challenge the nearby trainer.

Hiker Keith

  • Drilbur, level 31
  • Roggenrola, level 31

Reward: 992 Pokedollars

If you want, you can push the rock into the hole back to the west using Strength. Either way, continue east and through the door. Go south to find a small lake, and by it a trainer.

Hiker Tobias

  • Roggenrola, level 31
  • Timburr, level 31

Reward: 992 Pokedollars

If you came here after visiting Route 6, you'll have Surf. You can use Surf to go across this lake and find a Big Pearl. If not, no big deal - Big Pearls are only worth money, and you should not be in short supply of that.

The path splits here; go south, and check the small rock just south of the lake for a Blue Shard. Then sweep east to the small dead end and check the stain on the floor for a hidden Max Repel. Go back north, then head down the east tunnel.

The path splits several times here. Begin by fighting the trainer to the south of you.

Psychic Tully

  • Swoobat, level 33

Reward: 1056 Pokedollars

The rock slightly south of the trainer has a Green Shard. Grab it, then head back north to push the boulder into the hole using Strength. Go east, then south, then take the eastern path that abruptly heads north. Up here is another trainer.

Psychic Ena

  • Baltoy, level 32
  • Yamask, level 32

Reward: 1024 Pokedollars

Beside Ena is a rock containing a Red Shard. Grab it, then move the boulder near here into the hole to create a path. This door leads into Relic Castle; we'll come back here in a little bit. Head south first.

When the path branches into three, take the west-most path. At the end of a short hike is a trainer.

Backpacker Annie

  • Watchog, level 32

Reward: 768 Pokedollars

Snag the Yellow Shard from the rock beside the trainer. Carry on south, then east, then up the stairs and into another area. Follow the path here to find a rock you can push to create another path, then follow it north. At the end you'll find a small room containing an Ultra Ball, a Rare Candy, a Rocky Helmet and, hidden on the ground (Dowsing Machine time) a Rock Gem.

Return to the rock you shoved into the ground and follow the path easy until you see a ledge. Hop off of it to find a Max Repel, then keep hopping and go east to find a backpacker. (Warning: If you already explored the Relic Tunnel's first portion, don't bother with these ledges - unless you really want that Max Repel.)

Backpacker Kendall

  • Herdier, level 18

Reward: 432 Pokedollars

Level 18? Really? Yes, you're now in the Castelia Sewers portion of the Relic Passage. Carry on east to find a scientist you can challenge.

Scientist Terrance

  • Grimer, level 18

Reward: 864 Pokedollars

Near him is an Escape Rope.Grab it, then follow the path until you come to a doorway. This leads back to the Castelia Sewers. Before you go through, however, follow the skinny path to the north. Here you'll be challenged by a trainer.

Scientist Lumina

  • Venipede, level 17
  • Koffing, level 17

Reward: 816 Pokedollars

Almost done. Go north and west of the scientist to find a Hard Stone. After, sweep back east and check to the south of the scientist. If you check the ground near the dead end you'll find an Escape Rope.

All done! If you're tired of spelunking, you can use an Escape Rope or trek back to Driftveil City - though if you do that, you'll skip an awesome pokémon in the Relic Castle which could be really helpful in the future...

Dust Clouds

If this is your first time exploring a cave in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 (entirely possible), you'll probably wonder what's up with the little dust clouds that appear as you explore. These are essentially the dungeon equivalent of rustling grass, and touching one will reveal pokémon you aren't going to find elsewhere in the game (in this case, Drilbur). Dust clouds also have the added bonus of occasionally bestowing items upon you, however, and though these are usually coloured Shards they're also occasionally Gems or, better than both, Evolutionary Stones. Don't always expect a fight when you wade into a dust cloud.


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