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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Two: Plasma Frigate

Updated on June 18, 2013

Fresh off a win in the Pokémon World Tournament, you set foot outside the building and discover that Team Plasma's up to something. What a surprise. These louts never bring anything good to the table, so as soon as you get Colress' opinion on the subject (and an odd opinion it is), follow Hugh and Cheren as they dash off towards the docks.

If you visited the docks before, you'll notice that there's a new, much bigger ship sitting at the port these days, and it looks ominously dark. Climb aboard and you'll find it ominously empty - but that won't last, as a squad of Team Plasma grunts will swagger up to challenge you, Cheren and Hugh. Yep, this is their headquarters. They'll divvy up to overwhelm the three of you with sheer numbers, and you'll have to face two of them on your own.

Team Plasma Grunt

  • Koffing, level 30

Reward: 1200 Pokedollars

Team Plasma Grunt

  • Trubbish, level 30

Reward: 1200 Pokedollars

After beating up your own pair, Cheren and Hugh will need your help in some double battles. Fun! First up is Cheren.

Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt

  • Grimer, level 29
  • Krokorok, level 29
  • Golbat, level 29
  • Liepard, level 29

Reward: 2320 Pokedollars

Second, Hugh.

Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt

  • Grimer, level 29
  • Watchog, level 29
  • Koffing, level 29
  • Raticate, level 29

Reward: 2320 Pokedollars

Once you've trounced the six Team Plasma grunts who have dared to challenge you, you'll be approached by their leader: Sage Zinzolin, one of the higher-ups in the old Team Plasma. He'll mention something about 'legendary dragon pokemon', then order the Shadow Triad, a group of ninja, to kick you off of their ship. Then the Plasma Frigate will flee. Cowards!

Hugh will rush off in typical Hugh fashion, and Cheren, too, will leave - though he says he'll be checking out something on Route 6. You should probably follow him there, as that's your next destination anyway...

... but, hm, what's up with that hole dug into the side of the Pokémon World Tournament grounds? Maybe you should have a look at that first.

(Note: If you don't care about the Relic Passage, you can skip the next two parts of the walkthrough.)


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