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Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Two: Route 19

Updated on January 16, 2013
Black 2 or White 2?

You have a starter; you have a mission; you have Poke Balls. Now you need a team, some experience, and more advice from Bianca. Follow her out onto Route 19 to get started on all three.

Bianca will reminisce briefly about her training days, then get into a practice battle to show you how catching pokemon works. It's pretty simple: you jump into the tall grass, you get into fights, you weaken your enemy pokemon, then you throw a Poke Ball. If you get lucky, you'll catch the pokemon and make it your own. If you're less lucky, you can put it to sleep or paralyze it to make the catch easier. Once she's done Bianca will take off, and you'll be set to head into the wilderness.

Consult the chart to the right. It shows the pokemon available in this region - which, right now, are fairly sparse: Patrat and Purrloins. Patrats aren't that great in the long run, though Purrloin can be handy against two of the Elite Four in the end game. Catch what you want and beat up the rest to build up your starter.

From the entrance you'll see a patch of grass to your right. Head east to find some people in the tall grass with some tips, and to the east of the boy in the cap is a Potion in the grass. Proceed far enough here and you'll be met by a man with wild hair who jumps from a ledge. This is Alder, former champion of Unova, and he judges you worthy - but hardly experienced. Follow him into nearby Floccesy Town.

For now, there's very little you can do on Route 19 other than use it for training. Much later in the game, when you have Surf on one of your pokemon, you can use it to bypass the pathc of water in the north of Route 19 to reach three items: a Water Stone for evolving certain kinds of pokemon, a Nest Ball, and an Expert Belt on the ledge where you first met Alder. The Expert Belt boosts the strength of super effective moves, and is fantastic for any sweepers you may have on your team.


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