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Pokémon: Butterfree Nicknames

Updated on December 13, 2017
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Nicknames for Butterfree
Nicknames for Butterfree | Source

Pokemon #012: Butterfree

Butterfree is a Bug/Flying-type Butterfly Pokemon. Nectar is its favorite food. Its wings are covered by various spores, powders, and dust. Due to the fact that its wing powders are water-repellent, it can easily fly through heavy rains. Most of its wing powders are highly toxic so it's usually safe from predators.

Nickname Ideas for Butterfree

Butterfly In Other Languages

Chouko – To be more specific, this word means “Butterfly Child” in the Japanese language. If you want to original term, then remove then just remove the syllable “ko” from the word.

Flutura – An Albanian word for Butterfly.

Kelebek – This is what butterfly is in the Turkish language.

Parvana – If you want to say butterfly in Iranian, then Parvana is the right way to say it.

Butter Related Nicknames

It's butter! What's with the word butter in the word Butterfly?
It's butter! What's with the word butter in the word Butterfly? | Source

Bread – Bread and butter are like husband and wife, peanut butter and jelly, and burger and fries. They’re always an unbeatable pair!

Butterknife – It’s the knife you use for spreading butter. It is known for its flatter shape and duller edge.

Cake – Some cakes are made of butter—and they actually taste really good!

Dairy – Self-explanatory. This is, as everyone knows, a dairy product.

Lowfat – Food for the health-conscious.

Margarine – Not butter, but it’s an alternative. It's made of animal fat instead of milk or cream.

Milk Cream – Did you know that butter is made of churned milk or cream?

Organic – If there are no artificial chemicals involved, then it must be organic!

Descriptive Names for Butterfree

Dazzle – Seeing this dazzling Pokémon really impresses and makes everyone excited.

Flirt – This word means to wave or open and close the wings with a speedy flickery motion. Also, it could mean to attract someone for amusement.

Flutter – To flutter is to flap wings quickly while flying. It’s most often used for flying creatures that glides gracefully.

Glitter – Don’t mistake its attacks for glitter! Please do not touch the glittery stuff at all cost! It’s dangerous and could put you to sleep, paralyze you, or even kill you. Keep safe at all times.

Sparkle – Since its spores are akin to glitters, then they must be sparkling. No wonder this creature is always brilliant when in contact with any kind of light.

Metaphorical Monickers

The Butterfly Effect suggests that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly could cause a hurricane at a place that is so far away.
The Butterfly Effect suggests that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly could cause a hurricane at a place that is so far away. | Source

Death – You might die if you accidentally inhale too much of this creature’s spores. Always be wary when handling it. Death waits for no one!

Happy – It’s just so pretty that it is capable of filling anyone with joy. Happy is apt to be its nickname!

Chaos – Ever heard of chaos theory? It’s a theory that states that there are underlying patterns even in chaotic systems. As an example, the Butterfly Effect—a chaotic dynamic—suggests that a butterfly located on the other side of the world could induce a hurricane on some far-off place just by flapping its wings in a certain way. This means that any small action could trigger a chain reaction causing a large enough effect in the grand scheme of things.

Spree – This word is defined by a period, spell, or bout of indulgence. Maybe this creature could put a spell on you and make go on a spree of something.

Genus Names for Butterflies Based on Greek Mythology


A Mishmash of Other Suitable Nicknames

Ash says goodbye to Butterfree in the heart-tugging Pokemon episode, Bye Bye Butterfree.
Ash says goodbye to Butterfree in the heart-tugging Pokemon episode, Bye Bye Butterfree.

Bug Me Not – For the times when Butterfree doesn’t want you to bug it. I know it’s the bug, but even bugs need privacy. Just leave it alone, will ya?

Buggy – A cute name generally used for bugs of all kinds—including Butterfree!

Butterfeels – If you’ve ever seen the original Pokemon series starring Ash and Pikachu, I’m sure you’ll never forger the episode, “Bye Bye Butterfree.” Oh, the feels are definitely real with that episode. You’re heartless if don’t feel anything while watching it.

Butters – Based on a word from its original name but with the letter “S.” Also, there’s a character from South Park that’s named Butters. He’s pretty much sweet and innocent just like this Pokémon.

Bye Bye – If you don’t want to go with “Butterfeels” as a nickname, the “Bye Bye” is perfectly fine as well.

Freebutter – I you haven’t noticed yet, this is just a play on its original name. The words “Butter” and “Free” have been switched, just so you know.

Venomoth – Ooops, why is this name here? This is actually the name of another Pokémon—the Bug/Psychic-type Moth Pokémon, Venomoth.


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      16 months ago

      how about butter does butterfree like butter?


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