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Pokémon: Charmeleon Nicknames

Updated on December 6, 2017
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Nicknames for Charmeleon
Nicknames for Charmeleon | Source

Pokemon #005: Charmeleon

Charmeleon is a Fire Lizard Pokemon. Whenever it swings its flaming tail, the air temperature rises to unbearable heights. As for its choice of attack, it uses its razor-sharp claws to pummel enemies until they can't stand up. At level 36, it will evolve into a Charizard.

Nickname Ideas for Charmeleon

1. Chameleon – I’m pretty sure this Pokemon is based on the animal called chameleon. I mean the name says it all.

2. Char – A no-nonsense nickname.

3. Red Horn – Its horn is red, that’s for sure.

4. Lizardo – This is what it is called in Japan.

5. Claw – Named after its razor-sharp claws!

6. Agumon Ver.2 – If Charmander is Agumon Version 1, then Charmeleon is Agumon Version 2. Not that I mean anything. Hahaha.

7. Smaug – From the Lord of the Rings series, Smaug is a fearsome dragon who’s greedy to boot. This name is better fitted for Charizard, but let’s start it small with Charmeleon.

8. Pepper – Pepper is such a cute name that it’s almost ironical to name it this.

9. Pyromaniac – It sure is a pyromaniac! It loves playing with fire.

10. Pyrate – I just combined Pyro and Pirate in one word. Yay me! Also, Arrr! Oops, I mean—Charrr!

11. Coal – It is as hot as an ignited coal.

12. Hot-Head – With a body raging with flames, its head might be so hot you’ll never truly know. Also, it seems to be always angry just like every hot-headed person.

13. Teen Angst – This fiery dinosaur definitely smells like teen angst.

14. Orangesaur – It’s an orange dinosaur! You don’t say?

15. Nefario – Nefarious, maybe. But who knows?

16. Etna – There exists a volcano that is named Mount Etna. If your Charmeleon is a girl, then this name fits all the more!

17. Mars – The reddish planet seems quite similar to this critter.

18. Barbeque – It can barbeque you if you get on its wrong side, that’s for sure.

19. Doritos – Who else here is reminded of Doritos whenever they see this Pokémon?

20. Bully Boy – With a mean temper, it has one of the qualifications of being a bully boy. Deep down, it’s gentle though.

21. Spitfire – It spits fire. Duh!

22. Slasher – With sharp claws like that, it is assured that it can use the move “Slash.”

23. Arsonist – Since it commands fire, it easily has the power to burn everything down.

24. Mr. Mean – It is moody so just stay away from it. You don’t want to end up burned to a crisp, trust me.

25. Rebel – It is in its teenager phase so expect some degree of rebelliousness.

26. Lignite – A lignite is sedimentary rock that is also called brown coal. It is carbon-based and quite combustible. From here on is speculation; Lignite is combination of the words light and ignite. Guess what? Lighting and igniting are Charmeleon’s specialties!

27. Hot Shot – If you can’t call this critter a hot shot, then I don’t know what else you can call it.

28. Jason – By Jason, I mean Jason the Killer. And you know what’s Jason’s specialty is? Yup, slashing!

29. Hell Fire – This fire-based moves of Charmeleon are always as hot as hell fire.

30. Lucy – Short for Lucifer. An apt name for a creature with hellish flames.

31. Jack – Short for Jackass. This bad dino knows no bounds when it comes to being a jackass.

32. Roast – This critter surely knows how to roast—literally and figuratively!

33. Flame Boy – It means just that. Take it literally, will ya?

34. Jalapeño – This is a medium-sized chili pepper that is popular for spicing up food. It’s hot and it’s yummy. A great nickname for Charmeleon if I must say!

35. Burn Heal – You’ll need lots of burn heals if you want to deal with this creature.

36. Fireman – I know that the job of a fireman is to put out fire, but if you take it literally, then it means a man that’s on fire or manipulates fire. Charmeleon is the Poké “man” for this!

37. Da House – Da House is on Fire! Enough said!

38. Tabasco – If you like spicy food, then I’m sure you know what Tabasco is. It’s a hot sauce that’s hotter than hot.

39. Mean Huo – It’s mean and it controls fire. Mean just means mean while Huo is the Chinese word for fire.

40. Blaze – You got that right! This Pokémon blazes everywhere with fire.

41. Flameburst – Encountering this creature is like witnessing flame bursting all over the horizon.

42. Bad Boy – Who’s a bad boy? Charmeleon is!

43. Striker – This critter will strike you with its terrible hot temper!

44. Scoria – A scoria is a volcanic rock that is usually dark brown or reddish in color. It is formed from volcanic eruptions. I just figured that it would make such a cool nickname for fire-based creatures.

45. Firo – Remove the “e” and add an “o”—that makes Firo! Perfect especially for a fiery Pokémon!

46. Sriracha – The popular chili sauce from Thailand seems like a smoking hot nickname for Charmeleon.

47. Bomber – Charmeleon is a destructive force to reckon with. It’s even more potent than several bombs. Bombs away!

48. Katy Perry – This creature knows how to make fireworks go “boom, boom, boom” and so as Katy Perry with here “Fireworks” song.

49. Fireocious – I was going to say Ferocious, but Fireocious wins it because of the word fire. Also, it’s a play on words!

50. Charmeleon – Don’t overthink it! Charmeleon is fine.


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