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Pokemon Diamond Review

Updated on March 1, 2011

Pokemon Diamond, for the Nintendo DS, is one of the latest portable Pokemon games in the franchise (its counterpart being Pokemon Pearl). This game offers many new puzzles and adventures than the previous 3 installments, as well as a new reigion and features 106 new Pokemon (with some exlusives spit between the 2 versions). The story opens in a similar way as the previous ones, however, this time you get to choose your starters in an attempt to chase some thieves, rather than being aspiring Pokemon trainers. Also, your rival is a hyperactive friend rather than a rude nemesis. The new crime syndicate in Diamond/Pearl is a group called Team Galaxy. Team Galaxy's sole purpose is to bring about the destruction of the world. However, they lack a serious quality in their motives, and are often displayed as bumbling idiots who haven't a clue what they're saying. While this part of the plot tends to sag, the rest of the game is very refreshing and enjoyable to play. It includes the long awaited wifi connection, which allows players to wirelessly trade and battle with others around the world. It also has a large underground terrain that allows for more wifi fun with friends. This is also the first game that lets players trade between platforms (an unlockable feature allows for Game Boy Advance to Nintendo DS transfers). Pokemon continues to reinvent itself and prevent its formula from getting stale. Just turn it on and watch the hours fly by.


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