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Pokemon GO: Are You Down & Out?

Updated on July 11, 2016

As the new Pokemon Go app sweeps the nation with excitement, some players are left wondering "is this really for me?" As players level, gyms get stronger, and Pokemon become harder to capture, it's no wonder some maybe having doubts about whether they're really able to be the very best or if they're just down for the count.

You're not out of the running yet! We're only a few days into the release of Nintendo's newest app based game, Pokemon GO, and it has taken us all by storm. The app topped iTunes most popular free apps quickly and is being played by so many people that they had to push the international release date just so Niantic Inc. could beef up the serves for the mass amount of players. Long standing fans and even people who know nothing about Pokemon have downloaded the free app and are already out and catching the little critters left and right.

Immediate Jump to the Top

Pokemon go tops chart on Itunes
Pokemon go tops chart on Itunes | Source

Each person is capable of leveling and catching Pokemon just the same as any other trainer, but some of us who aren't able to play consistently, because of work or errands or any other practical responsibility, have seen that players are leveling incredibly fast and therefore gyms are out of our league of ever being able to battle and defeat. Feeling left in the dust is of course the natural response for anybody who just started or who is just not as interested in the battling aspect, but just because that gym up the street has trainers with Pokemon whose CP exceeds the 1000's range and your strongest Pokemon is a Pigeotto whose CP is just now 356 or so shouldn't make you feel anymore intimidated than any other aspect of the Pokemon GO game.

Trainers maybe leveling faster than you, Gyms maybe stronger than you right now, and your friends maybe ahead of the curve but that doesn't mean you're being left behind in anyway. Pokemon GO just launched so don't worry if you're feeling behind so to say.

Let me say that again POKEMON GO JUST LAUNCHED!

When I first started my sister and I joined practically at the same time. She's way stronger and at least 4 levels ahead of me. Even though we started at the same time, we're in no way the same person and no way on the same level as each other. The point of the game is to play at your own pace. We've seen in the past that many people in the Pokemon genre don't work at the same pace and if you've ever watched the animated series this is especially significantly shown. Trainers of all types, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds work and raise Pokemon at their own pace. You shouldn't feel pressured to raise your Pokemon any quicker than you're ready and you shouldn't feel intimidated just because you can't defeat the nearest gym or because you don't have all the same Pokemon as your friends. You'll get there.

Don't worry. You'll get there.

Even though you maybe feeling down and left in the dust, the Pokemon genre offers much more than just battling and leveling with this new app. Pokemon GO offers players the ability to connect with their community, travel, learn who they are and what type of Pokemon trainer they are, exercise, and much more.

Chill - Calm down and take it slow
Chill - Calm down and take it slow | Source

Pokemon GO is here to Stay

You'll have plenty of time to become the very best and top the charts in your town. Plenty of time to catch them all and plenty of time to level and learn all about the Poke world (especially if this is your first introduction to Pokemon).

Take your time and try not to burn yourself out with thoughts of being the best and beating that gym with the 1568 Snorlax. Don't worry about not having all the same Pokemon as anybody else and don't worry about missing out on catching a rare Pokemon just because you had to drop the kids off at soccer or stop by the store. You'll have your chance to catch them all. Pokemon move around through the world now just as you do. They come and go, just as you do. They'll find their way close to you and you'll have your chance to catch them all.

The biggest thing about Pokemon is the experience. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. Be all that you can be and you'll be a great poke trainer. Have fun, explore, learn something new about yourself or those around you, but be sure to stay safe guys.You're not being left behind. You're not down and out. You're not behind the curve. You're going at your own pace and that's something to be proud of and a reason to admire yourself and your Pokemon even more. It is a big world of Pokemon out there and an even bigger world of people so be sure to stay safe and have fun!

Just Remember

  • There's Gyms ALL OVER the country
  • There's ALWAYS Pokemon available
  • Pokemon MOVE place to place
  • Just because you have responsibilities doesn't mean you're any less a Poke-trainer
  • Just because you maybe a little behind your friends doesn't mean you wont be able to get there someday soon
  • Keep going, Keep trying, Be the best Poke-trainer you can be

There's A Whole World to Explore

Pokemon PokeWorld
Pokemon PokeWorld | Source


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