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Pokemon GO! Leveling Made Easy

Updated on September 7, 2016

Pokemon Go

The Game is Scorching A Trail Through The Gaming World
The Game is Scorching A Trail Through The Gaming World


Pokemon GO has truly taken the nation by storm. If you were to walk outside right now and take a look right, now left odds are you saw at least one person walking around with their noses buried in their phones. Players of all ages are gathering to catch them all and become the best trainer in the land and there is a huge key to successfully accomplishing that. That key is XP!

To spot those rare specimens and collect them you need to continue the progress of leveling your trainer. Leveling is accomplished by collecting XP. For those who are familiar with the wonderful world of role playing games you know that XP is basically experience points. XP can be found in many ways in the Pokemon GO world and we will discuss some of those shortly.

First let you explain why you want to level. While catching 400 Pidgies and 200 Weedles may seem fun eventually you will want to see bigger better pokemon creatures. To do that you need to level up. Leveling also allows you to open new attributes such as better pokeballs and more options for game play such as gyms and team selection. (go team mystic)

With that out of the way let's check out how we can get those XP.

How to throw the curve ball.

How To Get XP- Pitch A Perfect Game

How you throw the pokeball actually effects the amount of XP you can get. A nice throw or a curve ball will net you a 10XP bonus once you catch the pokemon. If you get a great throw you will get 50 bonus XP, yeah 50 now that is some fancy throwing. What you really want to shoot for is the Nolan Ryan, which is an excellent throw. This bad boy will net you 100XP! This means you need to focus on how you throw the ball and maximize your chance to get full XP.

You can get an excellent throw and add that 10XP curve ball bonus to the mix if you practice and use your skills.

How To Get XP- Catch Them All

Catching pokemon also gives you XP. A captured pokemon is worth 100 XP unless it is a new species. A new species of pokemon will grant you 500XP so you want to find and catch the ones you have not caught yet. Adding new pokemon to the pokedex is a quick and easy way to keep that XP river flowing and get your XP up and up so you can advance levels and get even better pokemon.

While catching the same pokemon will only get you 100 XP I suggest if you have the "balls" go for it. Catch as many as you can because you always have the option of evolving them.

Evolution For The Win

Evolving pokemon can really boost your XP and take you to higher levels at a faster pace.
Evolving pokemon can really boost your XP and take you to higher levels at a faster pace.

How To Get XP? Evolution is the Revolution

One of the coolest aspects of the pokemon games was the ability to evolve a pokemon into a stronger variation of itself. That aspect was not lost in Pokemon Go, in fact it is one of the best ways to get XP, and the way we are going to exploit to level quicker.

Every evolution gains you a nice 500XP but if that evolution creates a pokemon you have not previously caught than you get an additional 500 XP. This is why it is always great to try and catch multiple copies of one pokemon. So what if you have 25 weedles, I assure you they will seem like little golden bars when we lay out the plan to really boost our leveling capabilities.

Egg Hatching Trick

Egg It On

My least favorite part of the game is the ability to hatch eggs. These eggs contain various pokemon and fall into 3 categories. 2K, 5K, and 10K. This means to hatch a 2K egg you must walk 2 kilometers. Of course this is rough because the game sometimes loses signal and all of your distance may not be tracked accordingly. A 5K takes 5 kilometers and a 10 takes 10.

Hatching a 2K egg will get you a 200XP reward while a 5K gets you 500XP and the coveted 10K egg gets you 1000XP. The best part of eggs is the pokemon are random and you have no way of knowing which one is in which egg.

I will say nothing sucks like walking forever to hatch a 10 to have it be Eevee or even worse a 2 just to find a zubat!

Which Pokemon Will You Get

A quick chart to let you know what possibilities exist.
A quick chart to let you know what possibilities exist.

The Lucky Egg, So Pretty!

Quite possibly the lucky egg is the best item in the game.
Quite possibly the lucky egg is the best item in the game.

Let's Level Shall We?

I want to remind you that you will receive 50XP for every pokestop you visit.

The key to this exploit takes 3 factors. The first is having a lucky egg. Lucky eggs are rewarded at the reaching of level 9, 10, 15, 20, 25 and so fourth. You can also buy them from the shop if you want to spend real cash on the game. Lucky eggs double all received XP for 30 minutes. The 2nd factor is pokestops. You want to do this hack in a spot where there are numerous stops so you can reap the benefit of the doubled XP the egg will give you. The 3rd factor is farming, and I ain't talking corn my friend.

First let's explore farming in pokemon. By now you have probably noticed it takes a specific number of candy to level a pokemon. While the majority rely on 25 candies to reach the next level three of our ball living friends only require 12. Those are pidgie, weedle, and caterpie. These little fellows only need 12 candies to reach the next stage of their pokemon evolution and unleash their fury. That being said we need to first see how many it would take to evolve one.

Every one you catch is going to net you 3 candies. Now you can also gain 1 candy by returning one to the professor so each captured pokemon is worth a potential four candies. You still with me?

You want to stock pile these pokemon types and keep storing up candy. It takes 12 so that would be 4 captured pokemon. 3 to get the initial 12 candies we need and 1 to be the host for the evolution phase. Remember we are going to be using a lucky egg so instead of the 500XP we usually gain we are doubling that.

Stockpile the three pokemon that only need 12 candies but don't neglect other species as we want to get as much XP as we can possibly get while that lucky egg timer is ticking down.

The Simple Trick

What we want to do it have all of our pokemon ready for evolution, be in a spot with numerous pokestops and than we set off our egg. Now quickly start evolving pokemon. Remember have the candy ready because you do not want to waste time trading in pokemon while the egg is burning the wick at both ends.

After you have done a mass evolution you can start walking around capturing pokemon and stopping at pokestops getting more and more XP as well as items. You will get double XP for 30 minutes! Let's explore a scenario shall we?

Billy has 4 pidgies, 3 caterpies, and 4 other pokemon he can evolve. He activates the lucky egg and begins to evolve his pokemon. That is 14,000XP because of the egg, but hold up he found a nice spot with three relatively close pokestops. So Billy is walking around collecting stops and new pokemon. By the end of his half hour EGG-scapade Billy has gained enough XP to level not once but twice!

I have seen players be very patient in farming and prepping and pop a lucky egg and within the thirty minute time frame thay advance 3 or 4 levels. If they can do it you can too!


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    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 12 months ago from Wheelwright KY

      That would be a great idea.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Cedric Yong 12 months ago from Singapore

      I think the best way now is to wait for special events that award double XP. I haven't tried, but so I heard an egg plus the event = 4 x XP.