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Pokemon GO: The Hunt Begins

Updated on July 24, 2016

The Mechanics

The basic ideology behind Pokémon Go is similar to the Pokémon series that you are a trainer and must have to travel in order to explore and collect Pokémons and challenge for battle against other trainers. This is the basic idea behind every original Pokémon game but this time Nintendo has come up with a better execution. In Pokémon Go, the real world is superseded with a virtual Pokémon world. You must have to travel with your phone in order to move yourself virtually in the game world.

Once you hit level five and visit a gym for the first time you are asked to decide between the three teams that represents the three original games and three virtual legendary birds. The teams are as follows:-

Team Mystic: The Blue

Team Valor: The Red

Team Instinct: The Yellow

Each team follows a different perception on Pokémons and the research on them. These teams are led by three of Professor Willow’s assistants.

There are two types of virtual locations in Pokémon Go named as PokéStops and Gyms which are shrouded on real-world locations including important monuments, artistic sculptures, famous buildings, etc. PokéStops contains items like Pokéballs, Potions or Pokémon eggs and can be visited every five minutes to receive rewards.


Pokémons are everywhere even you can find some in your house, you just have to move forward in the right direction and it will come out itself. Each Pokémon you capture has a pool of abilities but trainer has to choose a basic attack and a special attack from this pool. Basic attacks are simple stuff like Tackle or Quick Attack while Special Attacks are a bit more diverse and includes a lot of the strategy. Both the moves are equally important in the battle field however the Special Attack does more damage to the opponent but a battle requires a strategy in which both attacks plays their part.

Each special attack has a damage value and a bar value attached. The damage value is the amount of damage that attack possesses to the opponent and bar value is power required by the Pokémon to execute that attack for example a Special Attack which has a high damage value but has only a single bar that will take a long time to charge. Meanwhile an attack with three charge bars but with lower damage value has the potential to do more overall damage.

Pokémon Capturing

Pokémon go has changed the process of capturing the Pokémons this time you don’t have to battle wild Pokémons you just have to throw the Pokéball to capture them. You can have multiple attempts but there is a chance that the Pokémon will run away if you fail then you have to make your next shot a little harder or you can use a special throw by spinning the ball before throwing it at an angle and try to hit within a closing circle to strengthen your chances. The other ways is by feeding the Pokémons with berries and use a much powerful ball like Great or Ultra to have a good chance.

Pokéball Types

The most appropriate way to find Pokémon near you is by wandering around and using the locator map but you have to spend a lot of time roaming here and there for a Pokémon to come out. The "nearby" function often works well to alert whether you are heading towards or away from the Pokémon. But you should opt for these three obvious and easy options if you don’t want to get bored with moving around:

  • PokéStops are the best place to capture a Pokémon which are highlighted with blue markers that show you the name and photo of the place you have in the real world so you can easily recognize the place and go there.
  • You get an item named as Incense which is a fragrance which attracts the Pokémons towards itself. This will draw out nearby Pokémon towards your location.
  • This method also uses a PokéStops but this time you can attach your lure to the stop or can use someone else’s lure placed by them. The lure is designed to lure nearby Pokémon to the stop for the following 15 minutes but the disadvantage is that it might also lure nearby players looking to take advantage of your lure.

Pokémon Evolution

Every Pokémon watcher knows the meaning of evolution, here is the same process of progression. You can “Power Up”, which will increase their Combat Power denoted by CP by using the Stardust or directly evolve the Pokémon.

Evolving your Pokémon is a surely the best way to drastically increase your Pokémon’s CP in a go. But the evolution requires some specific type and necessary number of Candy only after that the evolve button get enabled under the specific Pokémon’s page.

Besides making it stronger the evolution completely heals your Pokémon and its moves will be randomly re-selected. So don’t choose to evolve on the basis of moves because they are no longer exists after evolution. However the CP will be at the same point along the white bar after evolution as it was for the un-evolved version, only the CP will have increased to a new scale. So to be on the strongest side, evolve the Pokémon with far greater CP which will get you an extremely strong Pokémons based on your trainer's level.

Battle System

Niantic has just get rid of old battle and stat system and come up with greatly simplified and real time battle scenarios. Gyms are the battlefield of the game in which each has a level and prestige which can be regarded as health of the gym and the amount of prestige defines the level of the gym. A new slot opens up with upgrade to each level for friendly players to place their Pokémons into gym’s defense team but the prestige depends on the wins and gets lowered with every defeat and the level can be revert back to zero in which all the defending Pokémons are sent home and the gym goes neutral for anyone to capture. But don’t be sluggish to place your Pokémons if u defeat a gym leader otherwise you will be found that some newbie just placed its Pokémon.

Battles are done in real-time but there is no player to player battle. Instead, you will battle against the Pokémon controlled by the computer that players left at gyms. Each Pokémon has a pool of abilities it can have and two moves have to be chosen when you capture it. Tap on the screen to execute a Basic attack, and tapping and holding on the screen for a special move. You can also dodge incoming attacks by swiping left and right.

The interesting part is that no gym is secured even at the highest CP because you can play against the gym leader by forming a team like if two players of same team reaches the gym you both go into the gym battle at the same time and be able to attack the defending Pokémon but this requires a higher battle mechanics which is the ability to fight with others.

This may seem as cruelty, but it can serve a good counter attack against inevitable hardcore players who reach high levels and gain high-CP Pokémon to forge an invulnerable gym. But a group of friends and some coordination, strategy, and knowledge of your skill sets in the greater scheme of the Pokémon type chart can take down the most heavily fortified gym.

The different Pokémons types have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, a Water type with lower CP will be able to deal great damage to a fire type of a higher CP. So if you have a 600CP Blastoise and the enemy gym is guarded by a 1,000CP Charizard, you still have a chance. And considering that you can take a team of six Pokémons when attacking an enemy gym, a lot is possible.

Social Phenomenon

The Pokémon Go just stunned the world and the rival game makers with the kind of response it is getting, even the series doesn’t did this much damage what Pokémons Go has just did in past few days. Each day, it is getting hundreds of thousands of new players on board and a very big reason that puts the users on the street which is the most heroic reality of the game this may be due to the fact that everyone is aware of the Pokémons and the user found some attachment with the plot even some of them started living in the virtual reality. I have seen a lot of players coming together using the lures even I have a gym nearby and its defending Pokémon keeps on changing every hour. The game is promoted as a sport for individuals to workout, I’ve personally walked for 6 miles on some days without even feeling tired or I would say bored.

And the great part is that the game is self exploring when you think you just accomplished everything the other interesting challenge pops up which demands for more from the user even you explore some areas of your neighborhood you have never been to. The game appeals to all ages and genres and the best part is that it increase sociality.

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