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Pokemon Go - A Game For All Ages

Updated on October 20, 2017

Ready to Play

A Game For Young and Old Alike

My young daughter introduced me to Pokemon Go—-a fun game of catching little creatures on your phone. At my age, you would think that is kind of crazy—but the wonderful thing about this game is the fun people that it brings together. I’m sure, like in anything, you could get carried away and turn this into another obsession—but, in moderation, it is a great way to get some exercise and to meet and have fun with others of all ages. I like the fact that families are playing this together (and often times the youngest child is the best player), that elderly and young alike are playing it together. When I went to visit my daughter and my grandchildren, they asked grandma if they could play Pokemon with me—-of course I said yes. My two and four year old grandsons were quite good at flipping the balls in the circles around the little creatures—-in fact, the four year old was better at it than I was. When we had enough points (caught enough of the same creature) to evolve the characters we caught, the children loved to press the green evolve tab on my phone and watch as they magically transformed into another creature.

Joining The Raids

The app is for free on your phone, and the program also tutors you in how to play the game. Once you play for awhile and learn how to flip the balls into the circles around the characters that appear on your phone— (to catch them and add to your points)- you can eventually join the raids. This is where you join with others playing the game and try to defeat the creature together—-simply by tapping your phone. The more points you have acquired the higher your rating is and the higher your rating, the easier it is to win a raid. Most creatures—especially the special ones—take several people tapping together to win—which makes the game more fun.

Learning To Play The Game

Once you have the Pokemon Ap on your Android or iPhone and start by signing into the game, you choose your avatar and find yourself in the game. Your phone picks up your location and follows your path as you walk—-or for us lazy ones—as you drive slowly.

When you start paying attention to the game on your phone, you will notice that there are Poke Stops that suddenly pop up—-when you touch on them, a spinning circular blue object appears and as you spin it with your finger, you get more balls to play with and other special things, such as berries or potions, to help you catch the little creatures. You also will receive eggs that will hatch when you walk a lot—they eventually turn into creatures also. Of course, the game is much more complicated than I have explained—-that is why you will need your children to explain all the details to you. The nice part is—it has brought us closer together and provided free and wholesome fun for the both of us and for other families also.


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