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Pokemon Go - Fast Leveling Trick!

Updated on July 11, 2016

So, you've walked and wandered around your town searching high and low for the rarest Pokemon? Visited lure modded Pokestops, stayed up late at night, or just hung out at a pokestop all day to get those free eggs/pokeballs to continue your adventure?


However, the fastest way to level isnt reliant on the rare pokemon or pokestops for that matter. The fastest way to level up in Pokemon GO happens to be collecting a ton of common pokemon - well that's the first step anyways. I'll detail the full quick level up process below!

Step One


  • It doesn't matter if you already own it
  • It doesnt matter if you've caught 99 of them - catch it again

Actually, the best way to do this is to sit at a lure modded pokestop or to use a lure mod on a pokestop thats easy for you to get to, sit down, and then catch pokemon. To avoid running out of pokeballs be sure to use the pokestop each time it refreshes (which seems to be around 3-4mins) for the free pokeballs, eggs and stardust. This will come in handy later.

Step Two

Pokestop farming.

Use the pokestops while you continue to catch every pokemon that comes by. What you're farming these pokestops for are two things:

  • Lucky Eggs - Using these doubles exp gain for 30 minutes. SAVE THEM.
  • Stardust - You'll be using this later.

Step Three


From your adventures to and at the lure modded pokestop or just from walking around your town, you probably have a metric ton of common pokemon such as spearow, pidgey, weedle, caterpie and ratatta. You want to do these two things in THIS ORDER:

  • Use the Lucky Eggs you've gotten. Activate one and don't activate another one until the previous Lucky Egg completely expires. Using this will increase your experience gain by 100% which will really help you level up.
  • Start evolving all of those common pokemon. Things like Rattata and Caterpie only require around 12 pokecandies (which you should have plenty of by now) and 100 stardust or so to evolve. Spam those evolutions and if you dont want to keep them afterwards - it's now safe to transfer.

Doing this will net you a whopping ONE THOUSAND experience points per evolution. This will get you a few levels per hour EASILY. And the higher your level the more rare pokemon you will be able to see and catch! Using this method I started out around level 2 and was level 8 within an hour or two!


Using my leveling method will surely have you hunting the rarest of the rare pokemon in no time! Catch some rare ones for me!

Feel free to share your leveling tips and tricks below and discuss your finds!

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