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Pokemon Go Hints and Tips: The Eevee Evolution Secret

Updated on July 20, 2016

What's an Eevee? What's an evolution?

Eevee is the little puppy-fox type Pokemon. It has little doe-eyed face, and seems rather ordinary at first. However if you've played the Pokemon Nintendo games of the 90s and 00s, or you've caught a glimpse of some of the anime series, then you'll know just how rare and unique Eevee actually is.

Eevee is an incredibly unique Pokemon, in that he/she can evolve in to a number of different evolutions. In the Kanto generation of Pokemon (Gen 1) upon which the Pokemon Go app is based, Eeevee has three possible evolutions. In order to complete your Poked and "catch 'em all!", you'll need all three of Eevee's evolutions in Pokemon Go. This means you'll need to evolve AT LEAST 3 Eevees.

For most people, it may become a chore evolving Eevee after Eevee, in the hopes of turning it in to one of the evolutions you still need to collect. Well, that's where our little 'secret' trick comes in handy...

In this Hub, we'll teach you how to CHOOSE which Eevee evolution your cute little Pokemon will evolve in to. By following this trick, you'll only need to evolve 3 Eevees and will be able to collect all 3 different evolutions. No need to farm 100's of Eevees, trying to turning it in to that Flareon you so badly need!

Eevee evolution chart. Note that currently only the Kanto generation of Pokemon has been released on Pokemon Go.
Eevee evolution chart. Note that currently only the Kanto generation of Pokemon has been released on Pokemon Go.

The 3 Kanto Evolutions for Eevee

Eleve has many evolutions now. But in the beginning there were 3. These were a Fire type fox-like Pokemon, Flareon. A mermaid/sea-lion type thing with a cool mane made from fins or something - Vaporeon. And another spiky-fox-hedgehog that looks like the animal manifestation of a lightening bolt, or Harry Potter's forehead... That's Jolteon.

Now, regardless of which of these 3 you love the most - because let's not lie to ourselves here, you will have a favourite of the trio (mine is Flareon) - you will need to get all 3 in order to 'complete' the Pokemon go game.

So... How does the game decide which of these three Pokemon your precious little Eevee will evolve in to? There have been many theories proposed since the games launch just a few short weeks ago, but none have been proved true yet. In fact, ALL have failed.

Here are some of the theories proposed in the last two weeks:

  • The temperature your Eevee was caught determines the evolved form
  • The temperature at which you evolve your Eevee determines the evolved form
  • The 'Special Attack' determines the evolved form (Dig = Flareon, Body Slam = Jolteon, and another move I have forgotten = Vaporeon)
  • The height/weight of the Eevee determines the evolved form

No, no, no, no... NO!

None of the above have worked. They have all been crossed off the list by the die-hard Pokemon Go fans inhabiting the various Facebook group communities dedicated to this new game.

So... What does work? Read on to find out...

The Eevee Brothers: Rainer, Sparky and Pyro, with their Eevee evolutions Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon.
The Eevee Brothers: Rainer, Sparky and Pyro, with their Eevee evolutions Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon.
Who's your favourite?
Who's your favourite?

Eevee Evolution Battle!

Which of Eevee's 3 Kanto Evolutions is your favourite?

See results

Nickname your Eevee! YOU decide it's evolution!

That's right! It's ALL down to you, the trainer, to decide what your Eevee evolves in to. The Pokemon Go team have included a cool nod to the Anime series of Pokemon (we think anyway, otherwise it's a genuine glitch!) and it allows you to determine whether your Eevee becomes the fiery Flareon, slippery Vaporeon or shocking Jolteon.

All you need to do is name your Eevee correctly BEFORE you evolve it, then close and re-open your game (just to be sure that the nickname has been saved by Pokemon Go and to your PoGo account). Then, click evolve!

Note: You do need 25 Eevee candies in order to evolve just 1 Eevee, so stock up.

Here are the nicknames you need to give your horde of Eevees in order to evolve them in to the respective Pokemon:

  1. Flareon = 'Pyro'
  2. Vaporeon = 'Rainer'
  3. Jolteon = 'Sparky'

Try it out if you don't believe me! So far, this theory has been shown to work 100% of the time, with over 100 different trainers from all over the world, including myself, my brother and my cousin. Plus all of my friends who have tested it out too. It totally works.

Pyro, Sparky and Rainer, the 'Eevee Brothers' from the Pokemon Anime Series.
Pyro, Sparky and Rainer, the 'Eevee Brothers' from the Pokemon Anime Series.


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    • ILoveLegosToo profile image

      Tom Fattes 

      3 years ago from Naperville, IL

      Can't wait to try this, thanks for the hints. Any hints on espeon and umbreon?

    • CYong74 profile image

      Scribbling Geek 

      4 years ago from Singapore

      Arggg.... I wasted an evolution before I read about this.

      And then I remembered Mikey, and felt lousy for evolving my Eevee.


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