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Pokemon Go Hints and Tips: The Lucky Egg XP Trick

Updated on August 22, 2016
Pokemon Go Logo
Pokemon Go Logo | Source

Why is Levelling Up Important?

Levelling up is the bread and butter on the game. While the main focus should be to 'catch 'em all!', the secondary focus should be to get to the highest level you possibly can.

You can do this by earning XP / Experience Points. To gain XP, you can visit Pokestops, catch Pokemon, evolve Pokemon, hatch Pokemon Eggs, capture Gyms, battle and train at your own Gyms and more. Yes - there's a lot you can do to level up!

However, there is a tried and tested method of levelling up that can sky-rocket you from level 10 to 20 in no time at all! I myself have used this method, like many other Pokemon Go trainers / players around the world. We're pretty sure that there's no better way of earning maximum XP points and soaring through the ranks to hit the top. In this Hub, you'll learn exactly what that method is, and how to implement it to the best of your ability. So read on Pokemon Go fans, and then put what you read in to practice. You won't be disappointed with the results!

How to earn XP in Pokemon Go

A list of Pokemon Go events and related XP points received.
A list of Pokemon Go events and related XP points received.

XP Points: A Quick Summary

As you can see from the image above, the most rewarding actions a Pokemon Go player can complete are:

  • Hatching a 10KM egg
  • Hatching a 5KM egg
  • Registering a new Pokemon to the Pokedex
  • Evolving a Pokemon

However, what if you combine these? For example: You evolve a Weedle in to a Kakuna - a Pokemon that (in this example) you have not get registered in your Pokedex? Well in this case, you earn 1000 XP points!

And what about hatching a 10KM in to a rare Pokemon that you have not yet seen in-game? 10KM eggs often hatch Pokemon such as Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Pinsir, Magmar, Scyther and Lapras (plus more)! Chances are, the first few 10KM eggs you successfully hatch will give you a Pokemon that you haven't yet registered in your Pokedex. This will give you 1500 XP points!

Lucky Egg: Doubling up your XP Points in Pokemon Go

While we're on the subject of eggs, we must consider the Lucky Egg item, rewarded in-game for reaching certain levels considered to be milestones. The Lucky Egg is a key part of our level-up process. This Pokemon Go item effectively doubles the rate at which you level-up, as it doubles that amount of XP you receive. It lasts for 30 minutes form the time you activate it, so you have to pack in as much XP-earning activity as possible. And if you want to really take advantage of the effects of the Lucky Egg, with some careful planning, you can reach some seriously high levels within just 30 minutes.

Failure to prepare = Preparing to fail. This is quite true for our method of levelling up.


Lucky Eggs come and go only very infrequently (unless you have a lot of Poke Coins to spend, in which case stock up on Lucky Eggs in the Pokemon Go Shop!). Due to their power and importance, we need to create a plan of action for when we decide to use ours. It's no use activating a Lucky Egg and then going on a walk to catch some Pokemon. Yes, you'll earn 200 XP per catch instead of the measly 100 XP, and you may earn a few Curveball bonuses etc, but that's just not effective enough. I would advise that you spend a few days catching the annoyingly common Pokemon around your area that require very few Candies to evolve. We're talking Weedles, Caterpies, Pidgeys... The ones you wish you could use a Repel on!

XP Required to Level Up

Here's a table to show the XP needed to reach each level
Here's a table to show the XP needed to reach each level | Source

Catching Common Pokemon: Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie etc.

The reason you should capture all of the wild Common Pokemon you cross paths with is simple: It only costs 12 Candies to evolve them and earn yourself 500 XP. So catch as many as you can, but don't release them all. Keep them all until you can no longer hold anymore Pokemon, then do some simple maths to work out how many you need to release and how many you need to keep.

12 Candy = 1 Evolution. So 4 Pidgey caught = 1 Evolution / 500 XP.
Catch 40 Pidgey = 120 Candy = 10 Evolutions = 5000 XP.

But wait, what about the Candy I receive when I send Pokemon to the professor?

Catch 40 Pidgey = 120 Candy = 10 Evolutions = 5000 XP.
Release 24 Pidgey (I only currently need 10 for evolutions), receive 24 Candy - that's 2 more evolutions - 1000 more XP. I have 16 Pidgey remaining.
Let's evolve the 12 Pidgey with our 144 Pidgey Candies we have stockpiled.
Then if I factor in the Candy I will get from releasing the newly evolved Pidgeottos, that's a total of 12 more candy, 1 more evolution, 500 more XP.
That's a total of 13 Pidgey evolutions.

13 Evolutions x 500 XP = 6500 XP. Do the above while you have a lucky Egg active, and that's 13000 XP.

Do the above with a Lucky Egg active for Pidgey, Weedle AND Caterpie, and you will gain a humongous total of 39000 XP. This will bump you up a number of levels! And if you're 'lucky' enough to own a number of Lucky Eggs, why not stockpile double the amount of each Pokemon and earn more than double the amount of XP calculated here (Yes, you'll earn over 78000 XP!).

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Video Tutorial: Evolving Pokemon with a Lucky Egg active


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