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Pokemon Go - How to Find Pokemon Using a Radar Site

Updated on August 17, 2016

What is a Pokemon Radar Site?

A Pokemon Radar Site allows for a Pokemon Go player to go onto the website and search the nearby or even far away locations for the Pokemon that are located there. It enhances ones' Pokemon experience by making it easier to know where exactly Pokemon are when they show up.

Fast Poke Map

Fast Poke Map is a very useful radar to use when Pokemon Hunting. The website is, and it can be used to locate Pokemon anywhere in the world, at any time.

In order for it to work, it needs access to your location. After allowing access of the location, it can be used by tapping anywhere that you want to check. After waiting for a few seconds, the radar animation at the bottom will "begin scanning", and after it has completed scanning it will show all of the Pokemon in the area that you have scanned.

It shows the Pokemon on a live basis, so the Pokemon will show how long they have left before they disappear! Remember, Regular Pokemon last for 15 minutes, and the Pokemon that spawn because of a lure last for only 3 minutes.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Pokemon Radar?

The normal Pokemon Go interface shows what Pokemon are in the area, but it does not show where exactly they are or how to find them. The traditional way of finding Pokemon right now is to walk around, and if you see them on the radar you have to search the surrounding area. If the Pokemon disappears, then you have probably gone too far or the timer has run out and you have to turn around the other way.

However, with a Pokemon radar, you can find the location by searching around the area around you to have an easier time with locating the Pokemon. It's a lot easier knowing how much time you have left before they disappear, and where to find them.

You may even be lucky and find a really rare Pokemon nearby!


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