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Pokemon Go, What Happened?

Updated on October 31, 2016

In the Beginning...

I think a lot of people expected more out of this game than what there really was, and it wasn't anyone's fault really. Nintendo made it sound like there was going to be this epic Pokemon game that would bring back everyone's childhood and they were okay with some of it. They had the first Gen Pokemon, almost everyone's favorite, with all of the Pokemon that you actually knew and could pronounce. You were able to throw Poke balls and level up and even evolve the Pokemon that you wanted to. Even take on some people at gyms and battle them to win over the gyms, there were Poke Stops that allow you to get random items or eggs. The eggs let me tell you about the eggs. You can hatch them, if you walked enough distance to hatch them just like in the game. People have tried driving around in the car or strapping it to your ceiling fan, let me admit; Alvy and I have tried the driving around thing and sadly the ceiling fan bit, so let me give you a spoiler: Walk. If you want the game to count all of your steps then just walk. The ceiling fan doesn't work and people are complaining that they have ruined either their ceiling fan or phone, and if you drive around you would have to go a slow walking pace or even a jogging pace anyways so why waste the gas? The game was invented to give you the Gameboy experience, to where you get to walk around just like in the game and hatch your own egg. Don't be like most gamers that try to find a way to avoid actually going outside or spending hundreds of dollars on Uber to drive you around. (Yes apparently that was a thing too) But people were also excited that you were able to get an incense to attract random Pokemon or put Lures on a Poke Stop to again, attract random Pokemon. That the little Key in the bottom right corner let you know what Pokemon was around and how far it was. The only thing was it didn't tell you what direction you had to go, but let's be honest, did the game tell you? No. It let you know that you were in the right or wrong area and let you do your own thing. Sure it was one of the best games that Nintendo had invented that made them a lot of money and boosted their stocks (so if you bought stocks with them then good for you) But is it dragging on now? Did they not do enough to keep the gamer's interest? Let's dig a little deeper into it...

The Nerds Come Out At Night

Yes everyone was excited in the beginning and so was Alvy and I, it definitely got us out more but we also live in the South so if we wanted to go on long walks we did it late at night but even then, we were sweating up a storm. But I think that that was their intention, to get people outside and to make them more active. What Alvy and I didn't realize and I don't think that Nintendo realized either was how popular the game would be, we live in "The Ghetto" part and to see all these people walking around actually interested in the game blew our minds! We even saw grandparents playing the game with their kids and their kids after them and they actually knew the names of Pokemon and got excited when they caught a Dratini or a Meowth. Yes we have seen little kids around our apartment complex play the game and they didn't even know what these Pokemon were or how to say their names properly, but that wasn't the point, the point was that people were getting out and being more active. Yes there were some casualties but I will get into that later and where people went wrong, it's pretty obvious though if you actually read some of their stories. You know what? Let's just dive right in to this and see what happened...

The Gyms

If you don't have a good data plan on your phone, by really good wifi or with someone with a super good hotspot you are in a pickle. Even with a great connection you are chancing going to a gym to take it over for your Home Team and when you start to beat the opponent senseless some of you may notice that when you are about to take them down that their HP isn't going down anymore. A bug? Maybe, most likely, yes. Usually it happens when you have taken down the weakest players in the gym and when you are on the last trainer to take down... You can't. That's when most people, like us, go into a fit of rage and start cussing up a storm and blaming the phone or the game when it really isn't the phones fault. There are so many bugs in the system probably because Nintendo didn't run the proper tests for it and wanted to make everyone happy and got it out as soon as possible. Also, while making the game it's cool that they used the map layout from Google maps, the only bad thing about it is that unless you are a college student or live in a really nice neighborhood then there won't be that much around you gym-wise. So yes there are people who have the advantage to level up faster or if you have just taken down a gym that is the closest to you but is still a pretty good drive and five minutes later it's taken over again and again by the same person. Realistically they didn't really think about the people who live in apartments and with some gyms they are to where we can't get to them because they are on public property or in a cemetery. Pretty disrespectful, trying to have a funeral and have it interrupted by someone trying to catch a Charzard or beat a gym leader or even have a Pokestop there.


Just like with the gyms, most Pokestops aren't put in the best places and can make things really awkward. Also again, most have more of an advantage than others. It is fun to have a spot where you get random items though. If you have a Pokemon that spawns over and over, don't waste your Pokeballs on them to get candy, because like I have just mentioned, it is random on what you get from the Pokestops, you won't get Pokeballs from them every time. A cool thing about the Stops though is that if you have one or if someone near you has one, you can add a lure to a Pokestop to attract random Pokemon. Will they be good ones? Most likely not. Not much I can say on the subject of the Pokestop, it pretty much is like a gym, if you have hardly anything around you, you're screwed.

Upgrades and New Gadgets?!

Now, I gave up on playing Pokemon Go months ago so correct me if I'm wrong (in the comments below) but the last time I had played they had just upgraded to where in the Pokemon legend that you can pull up, where it tells you what type is around you that it no longer tells you how far away you are from it now. I guess it's a little bit more like the games/tv shows, I'm pretty sure that they didn't have on their Pokedex how to find them either but still. It made it a little bit easier. Now if they have brought that back or not, I have no idea. Also I think that Nintendo is slowly realizing that they aren't as popular as they use to be, in the USA maybe, but I'm pretty sure Japan is still going gaga over this and like with most things will keep the trend going for awhile until they make a new game like this. (Hint Hint Nintendo, try it with Mario Cart... That may turn bad real quick). Anyways, they've noticed that they are losing some fan base and are trying to make new gadgets that will keep people interested. Like a pokeball that you keep with you and that will vibrate when you are near a Pokemon and that you can pretend to throw it. Some have noticed that the game will drain your battery pretty quickly and that are coming up with new ideas to have a Pokeball or a Pokedex that you hook up to that will give you an extra boost or not make your phone want to over heat. But those are the ones that I really know about. Again, if you want to put your two cents in and catch me up if you know of anymore, then please do.

Still Hopeful?

Like most, I'm still hopeful that soon they will make it a little bit better to where it is more like the game and you can do more like chose and pick who you want to battle when you run into them, or have little puzzle games to unlock secrets or items, or if you win a battle you can earn money to actually be able to afford things in the Pokeshops, or to have Pokeshops or Health Centers around like in the game. Maybe they will be able to create multiple servers that you can chose from so that it won't crash as much when you are trying to log in. Here's to being hopeful. Happy hunting and hopefully it will make a bigger splash soon than a Magikarp! Thanks for reading, if you like it let me know, if you want to put in the info that you know let us know in the comments below.

~Baby Bat and Alvy


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