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Pokemon Go/Wizards Unite Update

Updated on July 11, 2019
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I am a writer from Louisiana who writes fiction, does freelance writing, and has a major passion of entertainment news and culture!


Both Pokémon Go and the new Wizards Unite have some big announcements about upcoming events and excitement. Pokémon go is in the middle of a very busy summer with live events and hints of new things coming, and Wizards Unite seems to be following it its foot steps to build a community of players.

The new Harry Potter Wizards Unite mobile game has been out for a few weeks now and it seems they are taking yet another idea from it’s sister game, Pokémon Go. It was announced yesterday that on July 20th the game will have its first ever Community Day. In Pokémon Go, Community Day is a monthly event where there is a featured Pokémon that appears more frequently in the wild and you have the opportunity to catch the shiny variant. Community Day in Pokémon Go is always an exciting time so I am thrilled to see what Wizards Unite will have to offer.

The announcement was scarce with concrete information so the only thing players can do for now is make guesses. My issue is that besides the fact that I play the game daily, I have no idea what a Community Day in Wizards Unite would look like. In Wizards Unite, you’re not necessarily catching monsters like you are in Pokémon Go, and truth be told, the random encounters with the foundables aren’t memorable enough to plan an event around them. This is not shade to the game; it’s just a difference between Wizards Unite and Pokémon Go.

In Pokémon Go news, we now have a new Legendary Raid Boss as Armored Mewtwo was released yesterday! I didn’t get a chance to raid the new Mewtwo variant on day one because I only saw announcements for raid groups while I was still at work, but I’ll hopefully challenge it soon.

Being someone who got into Pokémon because of this game, I had no idea about Armored Mewtwo until it was announced as the new raid boss. This has been my experience with the game since the beginning, which I find adds another level of excitement to the game. This is true for me because I have no expectations for how useful a Pokémon should be before it’s released in Pokémon Go, whereas some of my friends who played the original games have been disappointed at various times when certain Pokémon weren’t given the moves or stats it should have had based on what they were used to. The same is true for me when new Pokémon are released into the wild. Each time I catch something new, despite how crappy it may be, it’s exciting because it’s new to me.

The other news in Pokémon Go is that we now have new rewards, thanks to Pokémon Go Fest in Dortmund, Germany. Until July 16th at 4 PM trainers can enjoy: Tripled catch XP, one hour Lucky Eggs, tripled hatch XP, and doubled raid XP. This is Niantic’s way of sharing the wealth with those of us who could not attend Go Fest. For those of you who don’t know, during events like Go Fest (this is the second one of the summer, the first was in Chicago and there is one more in Japan in Early August), trainers from around the world are tasked with completing research tasks by team in order to unlock these rewards.

Also happening in Pokémon Go is Entei day! On July 14th, from 4 until 7 PM local time the legendary beast will be appearing in raids and lucky trainers will get the chance to catch the shiny form. Again, this is a reward from the latest Go Fest Event in Germany. These special raid days have become much more common in Pokémon go and the best part is that all trainers get 5 free raid passes to participate.

As always, there is a lot going on in Pokémon Go! I love how Niantic has figured out how to keep players engaged and it seems that they are using what they have learned from Pokémon Go in Wizards Unite. While it doesn’t seem that Wizards Unite has caught on nearly as much as Pokémon Go did when it first came out in 2016, I think the game shows a great deal of promise and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.


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