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FanFiction - Pokemon Master Trainers - Season 1 Episode 1 - The Music Box

Updated on February 27, 2017

Welcome to the vast world of Pokémon. They inhabit all the lands, swim in all the seas, and soar high in the skies of this beautiful world that we all share together. Some Pokémon even exist in mysterious realms outside of our own space and time while others have been around for hundreds of millions of years. We join our hero now, an energetic young boy by the name of DC-ICE who has lofty aspirations to become a Pokémon World Cup Champion.

"Seriously, Mom! This is taking forever!" complains the youth sitting in the back of the moving truck as it bounces along the narrow road of Route 102.

"Son, we're almost there," Christy replies back, peering over the top of her fancy sunglasses at the tiny road signs better suited for people walking by than driving by.

"Pika," her Pikachu chimes in from the passenger seat, carefully holding an outstretched town map with its mouth and both front paws for the mom to see.

"I don't get why those two get to ride up front while I'm stuck back here with all the boxes," fusses the boy unhappily as he scowls at the sleeping Pichu with disdain. As it yawns sleepily, the truck hits a rut and the little yellow pokémon bounces off the seat and lands on the floor; Pikachu on top of it, and the map falls across them both.

DC-ICE howls in laughter.

"That is not funny," scolds his mother harshly.

The boys is silent immediately, tears welling up in his ice blue-edged mahogany brown eyes. "Sorry."

Christy sighs, her tone much softer as she speaks, "Pokémon are intelligent creatures, and like people, they have feelings too. Pichu is never going to evolve into a Pikachu if you two can't find a way to get along and be nice to each other, especially on your part."

While they talk, the moving truck enters the town of Oldale and slows to a safer speed as it rolls by the small buildings. The town's people are out in numbers today, no doubt soaking up the last of the summer warmth before the arrival of autumn.

"Why couldn't Dad just let me catch my own Pikachu from the Viridian Forest, like you did with Squirtle when you were a kid? Why is it that I have to start all the way from a puny Pichu? It's not even the right color and it gets knocked out every time anything barely touches it! Nobody else in Kanto had to raise a puny measly Pichu," grumbles DC-ICE wiping his eyes with the back of his hands.

Christy parks in front of the Oldale Pokémon Center and shuts the engine off. "It's our fault, your dad and I, for allowing you to begin with pokémon training sooner than what's usual. You still have a ways to go in maturing and controlling that temper of yours." She closes the cab window and opens the door to the cargo area. Pulling her son into her arms, she kisses the top of his brow and dries his tears with a small handkerchief that has the scent of Oran berries. "I think eight years old was far too young for you."

"I'll be ten tomorrow," he replies as he smiles up at her.

"Yes, very true and ten is the proper age to officially become a trainer and begin your own adventure. Son, listen; I know raising Pichu hasn't been easy for either of you, but its really an important part of your dad's scientific study into pokémon evolution. I've done my part with Pikachu and now its your turn with Pichu."

DC-ICE sighs resolutely, "So is that why we moved from Kanto and flew all the way here to Hoen?"

"Yes." His mother smiles at him. "And It's much easier to travel to Johto from here than all the way back and forth from Kanto. Professor Birch lives here and he is a good friend and colleague of your father. He's the one who gives starter pokémon out to new trainers."

"Just like Professor Oak, back in Kanto?" he asks.

"Just like that." Christy agrees. "Now even though Pichu was your first pokémon, I think it's time for you to officially do this the right way."

"For real," he gasps with excitement.

"Yes! Your dad and I have been discussing this as a birthday gift for you. We believe a starter pokémon can help you learn more about yourself and better understand Pichu."

"I want a fire pokémon like dad's Charizard." DC-ICE smiles at the thought and holds his arms out like wings.

"You're thinking of Kanto starters again." She hands him a Hoen region trainer's pamphlet while ushering him out the passenger door of the truck. "Please take Pikachu and Pichu inside to see Nurse Joy and have them refreshed from our long trip."

"Sure, Mom." The boy hops down with the two pokémon right at his heels.

"And don't forget to introduce yourself," she calls out.

"Okay!" he yells back.

As DC-ICE approaches the glass door, his reflection reveals his two-toned ice blue and jet black hair ruffled far beyond his liking, and just when he begins to straighten it out, a girl trainer dashes out and collides with him.


"I'm so sorry about that!" the girl gasps as they both tumble to the floor.

As DC-ICE gets to his feet, he offers the girl a hand up, "Hi."

"I'm Tree-Hugger."

"DC-ICE." He forces a not-so-irritated smile. "Why the rush?"

"It's TreeTryBe, my Treecko," she says with a laugh. "I barely caught it as it bolted for the door! I swear I've never seen a pokémon run as much as this one."

"Yeah? This one gets away too," mutters DC-ICE thumbing over his shoulder.

"Pikachu?" asks Tree-Hugger with a confused look.

"No, that's my mother's pokémon, and its well behaved. I'm talking about my pokémon, Pichu."

"Oh wow! You have a Pichu?" Tree-Hugger looks around puzzled. "Um, where is it?"

The boy looks down, "Oh man, not again!"

"It's gone?" Tree-Hugger inquires looking around helpfully. "I have an idea, we can ask Nurse Joy to make an announcement."

"Okay, sounds good." DC-ICE agrees.

"Good morning and welcome to the Oldale Pokémon Center," says Nurse Joy with a pleasant smile. "Welcome back, Tree-Hugger, did you forget something?"

"No, I'm good." She smiles in return. "I'm helping my new friend, DC-ICE, to find his pokémon. Can you make an announcement for us?"

"Yes, I'd be more than happy to help. DC-ICE, what does your pokémon look like?" asks Nurse Joy while typing into the computer.

"It's a gold Pichu with red cheeks," replies the boy as he sends Pikachu off to help.

"Wow, really? I've never seen a gold Pichu before. It shouldn't be too difficult to find around here." says Nurse Joy assuredly.

"Tree-Hugger, try using the search feature on your DexNav," chimes in a familiar man's voice from behind them.

"Professor Birch, hello there," says Nurse Joy. "What an excellent idea. And you must be DC-ICE's mother."

"Yes, good morning, Nurse Joy. My name is Christy."

"Nice to meet you both and welcome to Oldale." Nurse Joy bows politely.

Just as the two adults are walking in, TreeTryBe bolts for the door.

"Oh no you don't!" quips Tree-Hugger pulling a pokéball from her belt. She presses the button and it enlarges from a golf ball size to become about the size of a baseball as she holds it out. "Treecko, return!"

The voice activation is instantaneous and a surge of red light links to Treecko, changing it from molecular matter into energy particles that are swiftly drawn back to the pokéball in the blink of an eye. She attaches it back to her belt and pulls her PokéDex from her backpack.

She activates the DexNav, pressing the touchscreen with her finger and engages the search feature. It whirs for a moment and then beeps immediately.

The scan shows Pikachu, another trainer's Poochyena, and an unknown pokémon nearby.

"Move slowly and tiptoe when you're tracking a pokémon with the DexNav or you'll be spotted and it will run away." Reminds Professor Birch.

Following the verbal instructions to the letter, Tree-Hugger creeps over to the other side of the room, DC-ICE right next to her. They look around, puzzled at first with the empty side of the room when suddenly Pikachu tugs on the bottom of the boy's jacket.

"What is it Pikachu?" he asks.

"Pikapi!" replies the pokémon as it points up.

Tree-Hugger and DC-ICE are astounded to see Pichu, all the way up the wall, skillfully using the corner to climb, just as it ducks into a ventilator shaft.

"Well alrighty then!" laughs Tree-Hugger. "Looks to me like you've got a climber on your hands!"

DC-ICE shrugs unamused, "Yeah, more like an escape artist."

"I wonder what it found all the way up there?" Christy mutters as she and Professor Birch move closer to the children. She takes in a sharp breath "Pichu, that's not safe. Come down here this instant!"

The grill of the ventilator shaft opens back up in response to her voice and Pichu's large pointy ears and little round face pop out.

"OH MY GOSH! It's so CUTE!" squeals Tree-Hugger in delight as she switches function from DexNav to Pokédex.

"Pichu, the Tiny Mouse Pokémon and the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. Despite their size, Pichu release bursts of electricity that can shock even humans. However, Pichu are unskilled at controlling their electricity, and sometimes release it by accident when surprised, or when laughing and shock themselves."

"That explains a lot," sighs DC-ICE shaking his head.

With a little grunt, Pichu pushes a small box from the opening which clunks DC-ICE square on the top of the head with amazing precision.

"Karma," Tree-Hugger says in a low voice to herself.

Christy also hears it and nods in agreement. "You might want to brace yourself, or run," She warns.

"You did that on purpose!" the boy yells in a rage.

"Pi pi pi! Pichu Pi!" Pichu fires back with matched intensity.

"Oh don't give me that! You coulda told me you were throwing the box down!"

"Are they always like this?" whispers Professor Birch.

"The past two years. Oh, and the sparks haven't even started flying yet, believe me." Christy takes in a deep, relaxing breath.

Finding a opening, Professor Birch intercedes. "Christy, you and DC-ICE should go on ahead down Route 101 and take a left. Littleroot Town is right there. I'll give Professor James a call and let him know you've arrived. Tree-Hugger, since they'll be living next door to you, will you show them the way and then bring DC-ICE by my lab tomorrow?"

"You can count on me!" she yips happily.

As they head out of the Pokémon Center, DC-ICE puts the music box on the counter for Nurse Joy. No one notices that it vanishes a few moments later.

An interesting new town with wonderful new friends and a strange vintage music box. Together with our heroes we'll discover the secrets it holds and unravel the mysteries around it as the journey continues...


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    • Tyleck Bladestorm profile imageAUTHOR

      Tyleck Bladestorm 

      2 years ago

      @RussTec Ltd Co

      Its's my pleasure. Thank you so much for the comment! Episode 2 is posting in a few hours over the weekend. I hope you enjoy it!

    • profile image

      RussTec Ltd Co 

      2 years ago

      Great reading! I'm ready for more already. Thank you for sharing!


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