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Pokemon News

Updated on June 14, 2017

Pokemon Go News Alert

Pokemon Go

Pokémon conflicts have taken place in our world, Pokémon Go is free for download on all iOS and Android devices June 2016 officially. Pokémon is similar to today's free to play games, but in order to generate revenues, the game is dependent on micro-transactions. A spokesperson for Niantic, Inc. neglected to say
Which items of the game will be for sale but admitted the game will be advertisement free.
Pokémon Go generates child-friendly creatures which are captured and trained for conflicts. The game has become a global hit, which accompanies collectible card games, toys, books and quite a few more products. The Pokemon game first appeared on the scene in 1996 for Nintendo handheld Game Boy machine.

Some creature, like Pikachu, and Mewto are popular with other Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. Niantic Inc. neglected to give any details on how the game will take to the street. Here is an example how addictive this game has become, this is a true story, I am the team leader in my department at work, anyway one of the guys in my department disappeared for about 40 minutes one day, I thought it could be stomach issues so I let it slide, but I decided to keep a closer watch on his behaviour for a few days, come to realize this kid is in the bathroom playing Pokémon, well I snapped I had him suspended for 5 days with a warning if he is caught on his phone a second time, it's bye bye.

I think it is a unique game which encourages us to get out and be more active, but I also realize the implications that come with playing Pokémon Go, It consumes you in such a way that you could be killed playing the game because we fail to recognize the possible dangers that surround us. Pokémon Go uses location monitoring technology to determine when there is a Pokémon toting participant. There is a video tutorial on how to discover creatures in urban and a rural setting. It's not clear how many Pokémon are floating around the world, Nintendo is working with Niantic Inc. to develop and produce a Bluetooth enabled device named Pokémon Go Plus which lights up and also vibrates when someone approaches a Pokémon.

The hardware is thin and can be worn on the wrist or clipped to your clothing, it's not required to play the game but can be utilized to capture and perform other tasks. There are no price outlined as yet, and it is unclear if the game will work with Android smartwatches or Apple. Ingress utilizes Google Maps for positioning Portals, markers, and historical sites along with public landmarks that could be captured by players. Pokémon Go appears to work similar, I am not sure if gamers are able to encounter an arbitrary monster outside their front door. Have fun playing and please be aware of your surroundings.

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