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Pokemon Shattan Region

Updated on November 18, 2015


Back when the Pokeworld was being created, two pokemon worked together to create the day and night cycle. Soon a third pokemon came in to create dusk and dawn. Their names were Licht, the Pokemon of day; Dunkhel, the Pokemon of the night; and Abenmor, the Pokemon of dusk and dawn.

Professor Catalpa studies these Pokemon and the day/night cycle to better understand not only the pokeworld, but the Pokemon in it.

However like always there will always be evil to combat the good. Team Vex steals people's ghost and dark type Pokemon to try and contact the legendary trio and attempt to turn the world completely dark. An eternal night would prove the destruction of both humans and Pokemon alike.

Time to 'catch 'em all'
Time to 'catch 'em all'

Lists of Pokemon

The following is a list of Pokemon found in the Shattan Region. Some are Pokemon that are found in other regions, but most are only found here. This is not the final list nor are the Pokemon in their correct order, just what I've placed them in until the rest are done.

Depending on how well this goes I might post a second post just about the Pokemon of this region.

List of the Pokemon in the Shattan Region

  1. Elca-grass type starter. Grass
  2. Elche-2nd stage. Develops greater stature. Grass fighting.
  3. Elchese-3rd stage. Grass fighting.
  4. Bren-fire type starter, Looks similar to a slugma, but hardened. Fire
  5. Brennan-2nd stage. Starts to grow into a humanoid form made of rock. Fire rock
  6. Brennal-3rd stage. Humanoid form made of rock with lava seeping through. Fire rock
  7. Wasse-water type starter. looks like a small, blue, cute sawshark. Water
  8. Watser-2nd stage grows larger and darker, fins become sharpish. Water, dark
  9. Wattsepa-3rd stage, grows larger, head shaped more like a hammerhead, becomes jet black. Water, dark
  10. Mause-a small mouse Pokemon, similar to rattata. Dark.
  11. Ratte-a larger mouse Pokemon. Dark.
  12. Joltic
  13. Galvantula
  14. Rattata
  15. Raticate
  16. Vog-bird Pokemon of the region. Normal, flying
  17. Flug-2nd stage. Normal Flying
  18. Fluggeratte-3rd stage develops Ice typing. Ice Flying.
  19. Ramura-Dog Pokemon. Normal.
  20. Jawidawn-2nd stage dog pokemon, has a larger jaw meant for snapping things. Normal.
  21. Katzel-house cat pokemon. Normal.
  22. Katzelean-Larger house cat. Normal.
  23. Magikarp
  24. Gyrados
  25. Goldeen
  26. Seaking
  27. Tentacool
  28. Tentacruel
  29. Flamagrosh-a fish surrounded by what appears to be a liquedy flame, however it's just water. Water.
  30. Eevee
  31. Vaporeon
  32. Jolteon
  33. Flareon
  34. Umbreon
  35. Espeon
  36. Leafeon
  37. Glaceon
  38. Obsideon-Ghost type eeveelution.
  39. Toxeon-Toxic type eeveelution.
  40. Gazetric-Baby pokemon that evolves into Plusle or Minun. Every gen needs a Pikachu clone. Electic
  41. Coyocross-Conch pokemon. Water rock
  42. Lamtor-small ladybug pokemon. bug flying
  43. Warator-Large beetle like Pokemon. bug flying
  44. Wolkai-Feathered wolflike Pokemon. Ice.
  45. Pemguill-2nd stage, almost penguin like Pokemon. Ice
  46. Roanil-Fairy Pokemon found to light up caves light pale skin. Fairy rock
  47. Goleling-2nd stage. Larger and skin turns to a faint blue. Fairy Rock
  48. Gothel-Dark implike pokemon that likes to hide in the lakes of caves. Dark Water
  49. Morbila-2nd stage. Larger and grows a tail. Dark Water.
  50. Coalklo-Koala Pokemon. Normal Grass.
  51. Cirekin-a small fire pokemon that is often used to help out with cooking. Fire.
  52. Ciredon-2nd stage a larger fire pokemon, grows fiery horns on its back. Fire ground.
  53. Vua-a swall baby dragon without wings. Dragon
  54. Vana-2nd stage dragon. Dragon
  55. Vamalu-3rd stage fully sized dragon. Dragon.
  56. Licht-fairy
  57. Dunkhel-dark
  58. Abenmore-Psychic
  59. Kapalaran-flying psychic

The Legendaries

The main two legendaries here are Licht and Dunkhel, the two that created the day/night cycle. The two always fought and thus Abenmor came in to try and put a stop to it. Seeing how the only way he could end it was if he had joined, he decided to create dusk and dawn to put a barrier between day and night. Since then the three Pokemon have lived in harmony. However it is said that should the balance be disrupted, a Pokemon shall come out of it's slumber. Kapalaran, the Pokemon of fortune.

Most people believe Kapalaran to be a legend, but others try to chase that legend no matter what, even if they will send the world into an eternal night to do so.

Licht- A light dragon looking Pokemon

Dunkhel- A dark serpent shaped Pokemon

Abenmor- A strange entity that is said to take on a shape shifting form to better appeal for the time of day.

Kapalaran- A fairy kind of Pokemon (like mew, celebi jirachi ect.) blueish skin with a roundish diamond shaped head and arms that turn from stubs to sharp crystals.

Which Pokemon would you prefer?

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What eeveelution would you like to be in the next generation game

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Any ideas please put in the comments down below.


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    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 2 years ago from United States

      I like the sound of Dunkhel - would make a great dark legendary!