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Pokemon Tower Defense

Updated on February 1, 2016

Best Pokemon Game Tower Defense.

Ask every person under the age of 30 years nowadays about Pokemon Games world , and you will surely get the answer that they know very well about it, as everybody remembers pokemons from the childhood. What you won`t hear, are their confession that they once wanted to own one of this mystical creatures, and in fact they really did want to. The game of Pokemon: Tower Defense 3 will give you possibility to do so and keep your secret (even though it`s not one). The gameplay occurs in the 2D dimensional Pokemon world where a player meets well known characters like professor Oak, Ash and other loved movie participants. You are allowed to choose between two playing modes, depending on your preferences or mood. Either pass a very nice and interesting story mode with comparably large number of levels, or engage in challenge mode and try to defend your tower. What you should do then, is to place your team of pokemons in such a way that they can beat constantly flowing enemies to your tower, who try to get the pokeball.

Both ways you will be given control of huge number of pokemons, each with unique characteristics which will help you reach you goal. The game offers unique possibilities such as creation of a team of multiple number of pokemons so that a player has a chance to meet as many creatures as possible. And in case you don`t know the name, story or some characteristics of a Pokemon , you can always view them in famous database named Pokedex. Furthermore, the game has possibility to shop in PokeMart where a player can purchase items which might help in passing through the Pokemon gaming process. Add all these features to constantly motivating for victory music, and you will get interesting and nice to play flash game which will remind you of old good times and lead through interesting and fascinating gaming process. The game in something more than just a time killer, but the cartoon experience creator which all of us had once. So, play the Pokemon Tower Defense game and have a pleasure time.


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