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Pokémon: Which Eevee Evolution Are You?

Updated on March 25, 2015
Jeremy Gill profile image

In-between Pokemon journeys, Jeremy studies forensics and works part-time at his university.

Eevee. How can you resist this guy?
Eevee. How can you resist this guy? | Source


Eevee and its "Eeveelutions" have been around since the dawn of Pokémon. Instead of following a standard evolution path, the cuddly little fuzzball can morph into one of numerous forms, and take on various attributes. Whether or not you're familiar with them, we can use a quiz to decide which fits you the best! Are you ready to discover your elemental beast?

Your Pokemon

Which evolution suits you most?

See results

Hope you're satisfied with your result! Check out the other outcomes and some awesome Eevee family tree artwork below!

Vaporeon | Source


You are the graceful Vaporeon, a Water type. Despite your elegant nature, you enjoy solitude and tend to be timid. You prefer soothing environments, especially near rivers or lakes. You hope to find as many wondrous places around the world as you can. Your body can melt away into water, so you are a rare individual some believe to bring good luck.

Jolteon | Source


You are the nimble Jolteon, an Electric type. You are social and well-liked, and tend to value your image. You maintain a "cool" attitude, but you're actually somewhat sensitive, and quick to speak your mind. This trait may start some arguments, but it also lets your friends (and enemies) know they can count on you for the truth of a matter, no matter how painful.

Flareon | Source


You are the tough Flareon, a Fire type. You are powerful, bold, and direct. Your thick skin shrugs off most insults or threats; you have confidence in yourself, no matter what others believe. You're not afraid to reprimand your friends when they make mistakes. You're not the most popular of the eeveelutions, but any true friend of yours knows you're one of the most dependable.

Espeon | Source


You are the proud Espeon, a Psychic type. You know of your great abilities, and take pride in your talents. You're also intelligent, and quickly conjure strategies to defeat foes or handle situations. You may not be the most charming, but your powers have earned you fans, so you tend to enjoy social settings.

Umbreon | Source


You are the solitary Umbreon, a Dark type. You prefer the stillness of the night, and you don't mind alone time. That's not to say that you don't have friends, but you appreciate being able to reflect upon events by yourself. You are not as strong as other Eeveelutions, but you're quite durable, and can stand through more pain than they. You disrupt and meddle with opponents to defeat them, rather than utilizing brute force. Those who befriend you find you to be one of the smartest and most loyal companions around.

Leafeon | Source


You are the peaceful Leafeon, a Grass type. You are pacifistic, and can't stand conflicts. You strive to have yourself and your friends experience as much joy as possible. Your passive nature causes some to underestimate you, but if forced to battle, you prove a fierce and durable contender. Your enemies would do well to remember that underneath your gentle exterior lies a powerful fighter.

Glaceon | Source


You are the quiet Glaceon, an Ice type. Few are like you, for you are rare and powerful, yet humble. You possess the fortitude to endure harsh conditions, but you're peaceful and social. You enjoy the company of others, possess a sharp mind, and rarely let your emotions control you. If you have to fight, you quickly overpower adversaries with strong and decisive attacks.

Sylveon | Source


You are the optimistic Sylveon, a Fairy type. You are calm, but also affectionate and joyful. Your body may not be the most durable, but you have access to an indomitable willpower. You befriend others easily, and appreciate both beauty and personality. You are content in almost any environment, rain or sunshine, especially when you have friends nearby.

That's it for today's quiz. The Eeveelutions aren't the strongest Pokémon available, but they're popular due to their varied natures and multiple powers. And lets face it, they're pretty darn cute. Come back for more quizzes, and thanks for reading!

Not satisfied your Pokémon quiz craving yet? If you'd like to discover which Original Pokémon you'd be, you can take a test to determine it here!


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    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 3 years ago from Louisiana

      There's so many of them, peachpurple, that I can hardly blame you! Sometimes, for my Pokemon-related Hubs, I watch the show in Japanese to do research on the original dialogue and such. However, this makes it even more confusing since most Pokémon and characters have different Japanese names.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i watch pokémon with my son but don't know their names