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Pokémon X and Y Walkthrough, Part Seventeen: Shalour City and Shalour City Gym

Updated on October 26, 2013
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Wild Pokémon - Shalour City, Surfing


Wild Pokemon - Shalour City, Fishing


Ahhh, fresh air! After a prolonged dip into Reflection Cave, you've emerged in the south end of Shalour City, home to yet another pokemon gym. Ready to put your skills to the test yet again? Or would you care to have a teensy look around first and see what the city has to offer? (We'll just assume you opt for the latter.)

Shalour City

- The Pokemon Center is near the exit to Reflection Cave. Mr. Bonding is in here, for once, and he has another O-Power for you. Also here, working the desk at the Poke Mart, is a vendor who will sell you five rather nifty TMs for Dig, Poison Jab, Safeguard, Hail and Sandstorm. Buy as you see fit.

- To the right of the Pokemon Center is a house with a scientist i residence. He'll check your Coastal Pokedex and give you an Eviolite if you have enough pokemon in your Pokedex. (I had 55. Don't know the exact cutoff number.)

- To the left of the Pokemon Center are two houses. In the first is an old woman who will give you a Soothe Bell if your lead pokemon likes you. In the second is a man who will give pokemon that adore you Footprint Ribbons. Also in the second house is a woman who will give you five Stardusts if you have a flying- or psychic-type pokemon in your team.

- Head north past the Pokemon Center. Cut scene ensues.

- Go north. When the path splits, take a left. At the top of the stairs you'll find a house. Inside is a guy who will trade a Leppa Berry for a Sitrus Berry.

- Also up here is the local Pokemon Gym. It's currently closed.

- Head down to the sand that leads north. Tierno will rush in and give you an Intriguing Stone.

- On the edge of the water to the north is a photo spot. Head directly west of it to find several small rocks on the opposite side of the beach; the one firmly planted in the sand contains a Stardust.

- Cross to the northern beach that borders with the Tower of Mastery. To the right of the entry arch, hidden in a clump of rocks, is a Max Ether. Run up to the entrance itself and check the bush to the right to find a Max Repel.

Tower of Mastery

- Enter the door at the base of the enormous Lucario statue.

- Watch the cut scene.

- Time for a pokemon battle! Talk to your neighbour when you're ready.

Pokemon Trainer

Meowstic, level 28

Absol, level 28

Quilladin / Braixen / Frogadier, level 30

Reward: $3,000

Not that bad a fight, despite being a rival battle. Meowstic can be a little annoying, but it's fragile enough to go down fairly easy. Absol is strong but also a tad fragile, and the starter, though generally a bit more robust, is straightforward in its attacks. Just don't use your own starter and you'll be fine.

- Well, that was fun. Heal up and head for the Shalour City Gym. Be sure to check behind the bench by the entrance for a hidden X Sp. Atk before entering.

Shalour City Gym

- What a surprise, the gym is an enormous skating rink. No fancy layouts here - all you have to do is chase after the four pokemon trainers as they skate around, bump into them, and beat them in combat. Straightforward and simple, and the kind of brawl you'd expect in a fighting-type gym.

Roller Skater Dash

Heracross, level 30

Reward: $960

Always a tough pokemon, Heracross, but it really can't stand up against flying-type moves, whether they're backed by STAB or not. Do NOT send out a psychic-type, or Heracross will probably eat it for lunch.

Roller Skater Kate

Meditite, level 28

Mienfoo, level 28

One is a bit defensive, the other almost strictly offense. Flying-type is again the best choice. Be prepared for Fake Out to damage a psychic-type.

Reward: $896

Roller Skater Rolanda

Sawk, level 27

Hariyama, level 29

Reward: $928

Both of these pokemon can put a serious hurt on your team if you don't act quickly, and Hariyama may be bulky enough to resist even a super effective hit. Psychic works nicely in this one.

Roller Skater Shun

Pancham, level 27

Throh, level 27

Machoke, level 27

Reward: $864

A big bundle of muscles. Not overly difficult, though Throh is very resistant to one-hit kills.

- Once you've beaten all three, grind the rails to the center ring. The gym leader will make an appearance and challenge you to a one-on-one.

Leader Korrina

Mienfoo, level 29

Machoke, level 28

Hawlucha, level 32

Reward: $5,120, TM 98

Expecting Lucario? None to be seen in this battle, and that's probably to your advantage. Mienfoo is set up to hurt psychic-type pokemon, while Machoke can surprise flying-types. Hawlucha is just strong in general. Nevertheless, a swift pokemon that capitalizes on their weaknesses should have the edge, as none of them are amazingly resilient. Just make sure you wipe out Hawlucha quickly - it likes to use Hone Claws, and can quickly grow to a one-hit KO machine if not stopped.

Beating Korrina will earn you the Rumble Badge, which allows you to control pokemon up to level 50, as well as use the HM Surf outside of battle. (Guess what you're getting soon.) She'll also shell out TM 98, Power-Up Punch. Groovy.

That's that. Gym defeated... but Korrina isn't. She wants to fight atop the Tower of Mastery. You knew you had to climb it EVENTUALLY...

Return Trip

- As soon as I can tell, you can do this immediately after completing the Tower of Mastery. Talk to the hiker in the northeast of town. He'll swap your Intriguing Stone for a Sun Stone. (Thanks to Passerby for pointing this out.)


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    • profile image

      Beep 3 years ago

      I had 51 pokemon seen in my Coastal pokedex when the scientist in Shalour City gave me the Eviolite.

    • profile image

      Pokemaster 4 years ago

      You can actually trade the intriguing stone as soon as you get it or when you beat the gym...

    • Jaelynn profile image

      Jaelynn 4 years ago

      Just a note...with the exception of Shun and Korrina, you can walk through this gym easily with a Shedinja. Shedinja is totally immune to anything but Super Effective moves, and Fighting type isn't. However, Hawlucha and the two Machokes have Rock-type moves, which ARE Super-Effective, so don't use Shedinja for those fights. But this gives you a chance to 'save' your other pokemon for those fights, since ol' Sheddy can totally destroy the rest of them. :)

    • MattWritesStuff profile image

      Matt Bird 4 years ago from Canada

      Ooo, thanks, Passerby. I'll give it a try.

    • profile image

      Ookarus 4 years ago

      Great job on these walkthroughs!

    • profile image

      Passerby 4 years ago

      Hey, if you talk to the hiking-looking man by the stairs (east of the house to the right of Pokemon Center) he will trade Sun stone for the Intriguing Stone we have (so you have to entered the event where you received the intriguing stone first)

    • profile image

      Mimbochan 4 years ago

      You sir, are God! hahaha.. I've been following your post right after the first gym. I find your guide very direct and succinct. Do keep posting the walkthrough!