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Pokémon X and Y Walkthrough, Part Forty: Route 21

Updated on October 30, 2013
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Wild Pokémon - Route 21

Scyther (horde)
Spinda (horde)
Swablu (horde)

You've done it. You have eight, count 'em eight, badges. Now all you need to do is make your way to Route 22, bypass all those weak trainers you fought earlier in the game, and begin your trek down Victory Road.

... or you could be a real trainer, and take on Route 21 first. Unlike Route 22 it's chock-full of challenging trainers, and a worthy test of your prowess before you enter Victory Road. Are you prepared for the challenge?

(In other words, yes, Route 21 is optional. You can skip right past it by taking Route 22 out of Santalune City, which is much, much easier. This section will ignore that sage advice and go down Route 21 anyway.)

Route 21 - Derniere Way

- Access Route 21 via the east end of Snowbelle City.

- Cross the bridge to the west. Once across, hop into the water running under the bridge and Surf north. At the end you'll find an Insect Plate.

- Back on the path you'll meet up with a trainer.

Wild Pokemon - Route 21, Surfing


Wild Pokemon - Route 21, Fishing

Good, Super
Good, Super

Ace Trainer Mirielle

Sableye, level 55

Crustle, level 56

Reward: $5,600

What an odd pair. Sableye is bizarre in that it has no weaknesses, but it's also cursed with poor defenses. Use anything but normal- or fighting-type moves. Crustle can bolster its stats rather heavily; try to kill it in one turn with ice- or water-type moves.

- Carry on up the path. To the right side of the road, by the flowers, is a rock. Check it for a Guard Spec.. Also here is a boulder; push it right until it lines up with the northern path, then keep pushing. Beyond is a trainer.

Veteran Louis

Hippowdon, level 55

Aurorus, level 57

Reward: $7,980

What an annoying pair. Hippowdon's Sand Stream will set a sandstorm into motion automatically, chipping away at the health of any pokemon that's not rock-, ground-, or steel-type. Worse, Hippowdon will use Yawn to put your pokemon to sleep and then use Earthquake and Protect to damage and stall, respectively. Use a water-type attack as soon as the battle begins to wipe it out. Aurorus will continue to stall with Protect, and can hit you with Thunderbolt, but it's not nearly as tough thanks to a four times vulnerability to fighting-type moves.

- Near the trainer is a shack. A man inside will teach dragon-type pokemon Draco Meteor.

- Back outside, check the flower field to your left. There's a patch of bare grass in the middle. Check the single patch on the right side for a hidden Pearl String.

- Hop into the water to your left. On the other side you'll find a Repeat Ball. Beyond a Cuttable tree you'll also find a Figy Berry.

- Return to the main path. There are trainers waiting for you.

Ace Duo Elina & Sean

Wailord, level 57

Vileplume, level 57

Reward: $11,400

Neither of these pokemon are terribly difficult. Try to wipe out Vileplume first to prevent it from hitting you with status attacks.

- Continue west. The path ends at the entrance to Victory Road... though if you look south you'll see a hill leading to another area. A patrolling trainer awaits. (Don't bother coming down here unless you have pokemon equipped with Strength, Surf, and Cut. You can't get through otherwise.)

Ace Trainer Evan

Chandelure, level 58

Reward: $5,800

Though it's running solo, Chandelure can be a pain. It has some strong attacks, and Confuse Ray is always annoying. Surf is good for bringing it down in one hit, assuming you also get STAB damage.

- Head west. Cut through the tree ahead, then push the left boulder ahead as far west as you can go. Then push the boulder it was beside to the west and down into the hole. Push the third boulder south so it's lined up with the hole to your right.

- Loop back to the beginning and head west, following the upper path. Beyond a Cuttable tree is a trainer; behind her is an Elixir. Once you gain access to the lower area to her right, you can also find a PP Up in the nearest rock.

Veteran Trisha

Tyrantrum, level 59

Reward: $8,260

Tough, but fairly predictable. A flying- and water-type will have an easy time. Any dragon-type move can also bring Tyrantrum down without a ton of trouble, so long as you lean more towards a special attack, such as Dragon Pulse.

- Push the boulder you moved previously to the right and into the hole.

- Hop into the water to the right and Surf over to the tree on the next path. Cut it down. You can also continue Surfing to the right to find a Rare Candy.

- Return to the paths. There should be a loose boulder to the right of the trainer with the Tyrantrum. Push it to the right, then push the next boulder beyond to the right as well.

- All this will allow you to move the last boulder in the area north and east to fill in the final hole. Beyond is TM 22, Solar Beam. Woo!

- All done. Hop down the ledge nearby and make your way to Victory Road. There's one last trainer to face before you can access the Road itself, and he's the one guarding the way.

Ace Trainer Robbie

Carbink, level 56

Raichu, level 56

Kingdra, level 57

Reward: $5,700

You have a decent challenge on your hands, here. Carbink isn't special, but Raichu can deal some decent damage and Kingdra doesn't have many weaknesses. The only way you'll have an easier ride through the latter is with a dragon-type move.

- That's that. You now have access to Victory Road. Return to Santalune City or Snowbelle City to heal up, then prepare for one of the most harrowing experiences of your Pokemon career.


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    • profile image

      Beep 3 years ago

      I found a hidden Elixir to the left of the Figy Berry tree in the wall.

    • profile image

      amanda 4 years ago

      yeah... you head west to 21 not east.. east is 19..

    • profile image

      mabnon 4 years ago

      sableye has a weakness it is fairy

    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      ummm hate to correct you but Sableye and Spiritomb do have a weakness now. I advise the use of fairy-type moves against them.

    • profile image

      Edward 4 years ago

      I found a shiny typlosion.

    • profile image

      Jax 4 years ago

      Ran into a scyther also. I confirm the dragonair too!

    • profile image

      Ryan 4 years ago

      I just caught a dragonair at route 21 using a super rod! Fished like crazy after I killed the first one.

    • profile image

      Ryan 4 years ago

      I fished up a dragonair at route 21 but I freaking killed it...... Rare.

    • profile image

      yup 4 years ago

      sableye has a weakness now, its fairy

    • profile image

      Jessica 4 years ago

      Just a thought- Although Dark/Ghost types like Sableye and Spiritomb (I can't think of any others at the moment) previously had no weaknesses, Fairy type moves are now super effective against them.

    • profile image

      Josh 4 years ago

      Don't you mean west of snowbelle city not east...

      "Route 21 - Derniere Way

      - Access Route 21 via the east end of Snowbelle City."

    • profile image

      Kelly 4 years ago

      I encountered some Scithers while leveling on route 21.


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