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Pokémon X and Y Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Nine: Snowbelle City Gym

Updated on October 30, 2013
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

You've reached the end of the road. (Almost.) The final gym battle is the only thing standing between you and the Pokémon League. Hopefully you've got fire, fighting or steel on your side, because this ice-type gym will chill you to the core otherwise.

Snowbelle City Gym

- Welcome to the final Gym Challenge. This one's fairly straightforward. You're up against a series of trainers, one to each side of the gym. Beat a trainer and you'll gain access to a button. Stand on the button and the gym will rotate, according to the colour of the button you stepped on.

- Start with the girl on your left.

Ace Trainer Imelda

Sneasel, level 54

Cloyster, level 55

Reward: $5,500

Not that bad. Sneasel doesn't hit hard, but it will usually hit first. Prepare accordingly. Cloyster usually wastes a turn setting up Spikes; use this moment to bring it down. Try not to switch once the Spikes are deployed.

- Push her button twice, until you can gain access to the guy nearby.

Ace Trainer Viktor

Delibird, level 54

Mamoswine, level 55

Reward: $5,500

Delibird is a pushover, as always. Mamoswine is a fair bit stronger by comparison; don't bring out anything weak to ground-type moves, such as a steel-type. (Unless, of course, it can fly.)

- Hit his blue button three times so you can move back to the girl's platform. The blue floor ahead has to be connecting the two bridges. Hit the pink button three times to proceed.

- Next up is the girl on the green platform.

Ace Trainer Shannon

Cryogonal, level 52

Piloswine, level 53

Jynx, level 54

Reward: $5,400

Cryogonal can be annoying with Confuse Ray, but it's ultimately limited to ice attacks. Use this to set up a strong attacker before knocking it out. Once it's gone you'll face ground- and psychic-type attacks next; choose something that can resist both. Something water-type (your starter, perhaps?) is a wise choice.

- Leave the green platform stationary and run across to the guy on the yellow platform.

Ace Trainer Theo

Beartic, level 54

Vanilluxe, level 55

Reward: $5,500

Both are pure ice-types, and neither are terribly fast. Beartic also basically wastes a turn setting up Hail. You have plenty of time to wipe them out with super effective moves.

- Hit the yellow button once. Then hit the green button three times (thanks for the correction, commenters), until the green floor is lined up with the central bridge and the two adjoining platforms. This creates a path up to the Gym Leader.

- Fight!

Leader Wulfric

Abomasnow, level 56

Cryogonal, level 55

Avalugg, level 57

Reward: $9,440

This is a tough fight whether you're prepped or not. Wulfric's pokémon love to set up Hail, either through ability or the move itself, so unless you deploy something that resists ice (namely an ice-type, which is little help here) you'll be taking extra damage for most of the battle. A pokémon that negates weather isn't a terrible idea. Abomasnow loves to use Energy Ball; Cryogonal likes Confuse Ray mixed with Ice Beam; Avalugg is a Curse fan. Stick to offensive moves that hurt ice badly and you'll get through this fight with some dings, but largely intact. Fire is your best bet for all three, especially Abomasnow.

Beat Wulfric and you'll earn the Iceberg Badge, allowing you to control pokémon of any level. You can also now use Waterfall outside combat. Last, most fantastic, you'll receive TM 13, Ice Beam. Cha-ching! Now it's off to the Pokemon League!


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    • profile image

      Garchomp 3 years ago

      Wonderlocke. Level 72 Mawile with Iron Head. DOOM

    • profile image

      Legendary 3 years ago

      I used my level 85 Moltres and beat the entire gym using Heat Wave...

      I am just a little overpowered here. ^_^

    • profile image

      coo1ant 3 years ago

      i used my level 77 charizard to burn everything in my path

    • profile image

      aaden 3 years ago

      my lvl 54 yveltal 1 hit all of them

    • profile image

      ben 3 years ago

      Avalug is level 59

    • profile image

      Jen 4 years ago

      If you still have and use Lucario, make sure he's learned Close Combat!! Use the mega evolution and use Close Combat on the leader. I fainted each of his Pokémon in one hit! :-) Good luck, guys.

    • profile image

      GhastGirl 4 years ago

      I beat them all with my Delphox 0-0

    • profile image

      thn 4 years ago

      Cryogonal knows freeze dry which is super effective against water types.

    • profile image

      Justin 4 years ago

      I just used my Delphox to beat those Ice Pokémon. It was easy!!!!! I just used Flamethrower

    • profile image

      link 4 years ago

      i've been using xerneas's moonblast and it works every time and they all fainted

    • profile image

      Andrew 4 years ago

      For some reason the the Avalugg that i versed was level 59

    • profile image

      Kyle T. 4 years ago

      My lvl. 73 Xerneas 1-Hit everything. On to the pokémon league

    • profile image

      Brandon 4 years ago

      lol level 45 Pikachu vs them he ended up with 7 hp left

    • profile image

      Your Name 4 years ago

      I used my Xerneas using the move moonblast for all of the trainers, and two of the gym leader's Pokémon. Took okay damage, easy.

    • profile image

      Ethan 4 years ago

      Hey guys I just wanted 2 no how do u get into the 8th gym in x

    • profile image

      May 4 years ago

      The avalugg on my pokémon x game ended up being lvl 59,,not lvl 57

    • profile image

      Silver 4 years ago


      Maybe it was prepared...?

    • profile image

      Nicole 4 years ago

      Avalugg is level fifty-nine, not fifty-seven. ^w^

    • profile image

      Eli 4 years ago

      Used a level 87 Wash Rotom. This game isn't hard, im just in it for competitive play

    • profile image

      lucas 4 years ago

      avalugg was lv 69 for me...

    • profile image

      Jason 4 years ago

      Welp. A Zoroark with FlameThrower seems to be to easy.

    • profile image

      Malika 4 years ago

      I had a level 88 Charizard going into this battle, one shotted everything the whole way through. Came out with a level 90. Yet again, all these battles have been SUPER easy for me. Way too overleveled.

    • profile image

      Aidan 4 years ago

      Mega Blaziken at level 68 with Flare Blitz I only got hit with recoil lol

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      You only need to press the green button 3 times.

    • profile image

      S-Meister 4 years ago

      Lol I one shot everything with flamethrower on my lvl 60 charizard

    • profile image

      Ds123 4 years ago

      I used the event blaziken with speed boost and blazikenite. I got through the gym without even getting hurt.

    • profile image

      Jorge 4 years ago

      I constantly think my pokémon are overleveled :(

    • MattWritesStuff profile image

      Matt Bird 4 years ago from Canada

      Ha ha, yeah, Lucario would wipe up at that gym. I have one on my team, too, but I didn't bring him along for the ride. (Isn't even the same one you get from Korrina. I was a bit miffed about getting one after training my own for so long.)

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      i used lucario lvl 66 all the way through the gym. he didn't lose a single HP until the final battle, was faster than all the opponents and avalugg was the only one that needed to hits to go down. actually was a bit boring. anyway, if you trained your lucario, this is his time to shine!