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Pokemon go

Updated on July 25, 2016

Pokemon go

Most addictive game

Pokemon go is going viral now a day's most of the people's around the world are playing this game because it not only provide fun to them but also a good exercise.

Pokemon go

Pokemon go

Fun to play.

Unlike other games in which you can sit on your chair or sleep on bed or play the game while you are sitting still, this game combines real world with virtual world which means that In order to play this game you have to walk in real world to move your avatar. This game uses GPS of your phone to locate your position on map and when you move in real world your character also moves in same dimension.


This game is based on cauhting pokemons and train then in gyms and prove yourself ''the best pokemon trainer''.

Pokemon go

Pokemon go


You can caught different pokemons and train them in friendly gyms and use them to take take control over other gyms. Gyms are marked on your map at certain location in real world such as parks or other public places.

There are also pokestops in game where you can find different in game items. Pokestops are also marked on your map at certain location in real world.

Please note.

This game is only available in certain countries such as Europe and isn't available in Asia but soon it will be available in all part of the world.


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