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Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Go

Updated on August 19, 2016

So you're playing Pokemon Go and you are looking for different ways to find some of the rarest pokemon. Me and a friend found a fairly easy way to find rare pokemon faster.

A lot of pokemon can be found walking during normal use in parks and public areas, but there is one spot that many people seem to overlook. The parking lots of major shopping centres and stores. I would go to many parks and find a fair amount of pokemon but the amount of rares and uncommons found in parking lots surprised me. There is usually 1 to 2 harder to find pokemon in each of these lots. In a single afternoon of testing this theory out me and my friend were able to find Snorlax, Dratini, Alakazam, and even a Kadabra!

You and your friends can plan a route to pass through your town's major parking lots. Another great thing about parking lots in larger towns is the frequency of Poke-stops along the way.

Although this information could be helpful to people living in urban areas, unfortunately right now many rural players are at a loss until further improvements to the game are established.

Remember to be safe and considerate of others during your travels, Happy hunting.


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