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The Problems With Pokemon Go

Updated on August 7, 2016

Bugs, Glitches, and Failures

When Pokemon Go first came out it was riddled with bugs and problems that just made it unplayable. The servers could not handle the amount of people trying to play and for many it took hours just to finally log into the game. Other glitches included the "Ball of Death" where the game would freeze once your poke ball caught a Pokemon, and more recently the "Three Step Glitch" in which all Pokemon on the tracker would be three steps away.

Niantic's solutions to these problems have been less than optimal. There solution to the server problems was what led to the Three step glitch and they solved that simply by removing the steps all together. Somebody needs to let these guys know that removing a malfunctioning feature of the game does not count as fixing it.

Pokemon Go: Three Step Glitch "Solution"
Pokemon Go: Three Step Glitch "Solution"

The Half-Baked Game

I remember seeing the advertisement for Pokemon Go and thinking "This is going to be awesome". It is unfortunate that many of the features that Niantic showed us in their advertisements do not even exist in the game currently. This is because they gave us a half-baked game that resembles more of an alpha test than an actual game. Features shown such as trading, Boss battles, and moving AR Pokemon simply do not exist.

Part of the Pokemon Go advertisement showing players trading Pokemon
Part of the Pokemon Go advertisement showing players trading Pokemon

Unfair Advantages

In Pokemon Go you search for Pokemon in real world locations. The amount of Pokemon in any given location is dependent on the amount of poke stops in the area, which are based on real world places of some importance, and how many people play in that area. This means that living in a place like New York City gives you a major advantage as the place is crawling with Pokemon and you can find most every kind right from home. Mean while living in a rural area, I am forced to look much harder for less reward and only certain Pokemon even spawn in my home town. Even worse, A friend of mine has to drive to a entirely different town from where he lives to see anything at all. Niantic needs to balance the game so that we each have a chance no matter where we live.


The final reason why this game has been ruined from the begging is the ease of cheating. Pokemon Go is a competitive game and when someone can cheat so easily in a competitive game it ruins it for those who do not cheat. Whether it is a bot or simply a GPS spoof all of the highest level players in the game have cheated in some way or another. Those of us who try and play fair don't have a chance.

Programs like Bluestacks have made it easy for anyone to cheat on Pokemon Go
Programs like Bluestacks have made it easy for anyone to cheat on Pokemon Go

What do you think?

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