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Poker Affiliate

Updated on June 30, 2014

Poker Affiliates

Becoming a online poker affiliate has the potential for making a lot of money in the long run. Usually when signing up for a poker affiliate website they'll ask you a few questions.

This is the most common questions asked recently when becoming an affiliate. Should I become a CPA or Revenue Share when promoting a poker website.

If you need to choose between CPA or Revenue Share is still the same - I always make sure to choose revenue share, no matter the poker room. Some people see it differently and that's their opinion, but when I'm marketing an online poker room, I see it as a partnership. If you bring in players making 20-30 dollars, I'm not expecting to get paid the full $175 for them, or whatever the CPA rate is. Also, if there's a playing bringing 20,000 I'm not going to be okay with the $175 dollar CPA rate.

Someone always gets the worst part of the deal when choosing CPA. Affiliates on a CPA deal can bring in a lot of players to the poker room, although if there not spending enough money you won't get paid from it.

There are benefits for choosing CPA. Check out a couple of reasons why you might want to use CPA in certain situations.

Network that offers rakeback. Players are always leaving one poker room on a certain network just to switch to another one to get the rakeback. Unfortunately this happens and it’s not even restricted anymore. You can see players cashing in on the $20 a month changing to another room just for rakeback.
Isn't good at player retention. What happens when a player leaves a poker room? Do the poker sites try to advertise them to get them back in? No, they dont. I have test accounts that deposit at poker rooms, lose their bankroll then I wait and see who tries to get me back at the tables. most poker rooms don't do that.

New poker room. More and more poker rooms crop up every day, the money isn't the same anymore. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to start a skin these days. You will see poker rooms go out of business a lot quicker, because they just don’t have the money.

If the poker room retroactively adds terms. Websites can change their terms and conditions at anytime. This means if you have multiple players signed up and they'll change there terms saying you need 90 players until you start making money.


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