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Pokémon Moon Late Review

Updated on May 19, 2017


Let's talk about how long it takes you to get your starter, 15 Minutes thats how long, the game this year takes that much time just introducing everything about the island and its rules. After that you are taken to meet the Kahuna of Island Which so happens to be the Grandfather of your rival Hau, let's talk about hau for a second and in my opinion is that he's one of the best rivals ever! I mean the dude will lose a battle and still be smiling and helping others the same, he is legit the most kind hearted person I've ever met to be someone who's supposed to try to beat you at every turn, kind hearted and helps you even when he is the one who loses a battle to you. Hau’s attitude and great personality makes him one of the best characters in the pokemon franchise so well done Game Freak for that you have a win.



The starters

This year your three starters are in this order Rowlet(my starter for this game), Litten, and last but not least Popplio. I chose Rowlet so right now at the moment i can't give you too much advice about the other two other than you should probably pick Litten if you hate losing at the start of the game to captain Ilima as that Level 10. Smeargle will swipe you with Popplio and Rowlet. All three starters are great, they all have their ups and downs and all of them have kick ass final Evolution Forms. No starter feels more overpowered than the other during the game is what i've seen from me and my friends and when i Get Sun i will Most likely start with Popplio just because i think I'll be using the same fire type pokemon from moon.

Starter pokemon pictures

Rowlet, Litten, Popplio.
Rowlet, Litten, Popplio. | Source

Alola Forms and Z-Power

Alola forms are great, all the different choices you now have of the pokemon you love and cherish, my favorite by far is Alola Exeggutor and Vulpix the later being even more cool because of the ice variation. Another thing new to the game is Z-Power, this allows you to collect different gems from the Alola trials and use them with your pokemon to unleash some devastating attacks, it also gives some really adorable animations to your character; especially the pikachu one.

Meowth Alola form/ Z-Power


Sound track

Some of the songs have just been altered to fit the new Game, but that doesn't mean you don't get some sick new tracks. I'll keep this nice and short, pokemon games have always had good music to their games, Team skull Admin Plumeria Battle theme is one of the best besides the Alola theme. Otherwise the tracks are good, not the best but they do make the game all the more fun.

Team Skull Leader

Guzma | Source

Character Design

Let me set this out, I Love Selene(moon-chan), she is too adorable. Character design feels almost the same for the male character, just a change of cloths and altered looks, no offense i just like picking the girl because she has so many different outfit changes in the game and they don't all just look the same, Also another cool thing about this game is the many different changes of clothes and hair you can have. Even though i think there needed to at least two more stores and a few more changes it did its part and made my little Selene look even more adorable. The walking animation for both Characters does look like they have something in-between their butt-cheeks. But i digress, good job with character design Nintendo 9/10 for moon-chan.


Choose your fighter.
Choose your fighter. | Source

Final Thoughts

I am currently at the final trial of the game and after that i think i'm gonna enjoy my title of champion and do as the game says, catch em’ all; well as soon as i get sun of course. This game was really fun, most of the challenges were great, and again i am terribly sorry this review is like 7 months late, never again i promise to never be later than 2 months. Leave in the comments which 3ds game you would like a nice short review on. My final say on this game though; yes go buy the damn thing now if you haven't it's really a great game you don't want to miss(if you have a 3ds or if you truly want to buy both, go for it) P.S. I need someone who's really good at fixing grammar and other mistakes for my reviews that would be great please contact me on twitter. Oh and please comment and reach out to me it helps a bunch! Otherwise this Review was just my opinion.


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