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Poochyena Evolution Chart

Updated on March 30, 2012

Poochyena Evolution Chart

Poochyena Evolves into Mightyena at level 18
Poochyena Evolves into Mightyena at level 18

Poochyena Evolution

Most Pokemon, legendaries aside, evolve in one way or another. they can be complex, which needs a complex chart such as the Tyrogue Evolution chart, to explain it. Or they can be simple, as is the case with the Slugma Evolution.

The simple method is the one that the Poochyena evolution model follows. It i simply a case of levelling up Poochyena until it reaches level 18, at which point, providing you don't cancel or it's not holding an everstone, Poochyena evolves into Mightyena.

How to Level up Poochyena

Assuming you want to follow the above Poochyena evolution chart and evolve it into Mightyena, rather than keeping it as the rather cute Poochyena, you need to level it up in the same way you do any Pokemon.

This is done in one of three ways

  1. By having it take part in battles that cause opponent Pokemon to faint, gaining it EXP
  2. By having Poochyena hold the item 'experience share', allowing it to gain EXP for battles it didn't take part in
  3. By feeding it rare candies

And that's it. Follow those simple steps and your Poochyena evolution will happen quickly and painlessly.

Shiny Poochyena

A shiny Poochyena is gold in color, as will the Mightyena be if you follow the Poochyena evolution chart and evolve at level 18+
A shiny Poochyena is gold in color, as will the Mightyena be if you follow the Poochyena evolution chart and evolve at level 18+

How to Catch Poochyena

Of course to follow that Poochyena evolution method you first need a Poochyena. Let us assume you want to catch one (if you would rather save the time and effort, then go to the Pokemon Forums and ask to trade one, most people on those forums would be happy to do so - and you get a FREE EV trained Pokeon just for signing up).

Catching Poochyena in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

Poochyena is only available in the White Forest, so you need Pokemon White. If you have Pokemon Black then you are out of luck and need to trade for it, or transfer it from an older game. for more info on the White forest check this out.

Catching Poochyena in Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold

It is a Swarm Pokemon (selected randomly each day). If it does swarm then it will be found on route 2, at level 2.

Catching Poochyena in Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum

Platinum: You're going to need the Pokeradar for this one. It occurs on route 214 in Platinum with a 12% chance of seeing it.

Diamond: It can be obtained by catching a Mightyena and breeding it. Mightyena can be found on routes 214 and 215 using the Pokeradar

Pearl: None available. You'll need to transfer from previous games or trade with Diamond/Platinum/Soul Silver/Heart Gold

Mightyena in Battle


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    • profile image

      yaz 5 years ago

      on black and white you capture it long past level 18 so what do you do to evolve it