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Updated on May 11, 2011

PoohSticks is a great game for all ages so named because it was invented by Winnie the Pooh, or more correctly his inventor AA Milne, and because it involves a Stick. The game was famously played in “The House at Pooh Corner” by Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. It’s an easily played game for which you need nothing more than a stick or a leaf or a lolly stick or basically anything that can float, a river (flowing preferably) .

Poohstick Rules

So how do you play PoohSticks? Its simple. The basic rules are that you all throw your sticks into a river and see whose stick passes a certain point first, this should be down river otherwise you may be waiting a while.

The classic version of PoohSticks is played on a bridge over a river. You stand on one side, again up stream is the preferred side, lean over and drop your stick into the river. You then race to the other side of the bridge and see whose stick comes out from under the bridge first.

Obviously there are a lot of factors that can weigh into this game, if the river is flowing too fast you may not reach the other side of the bridge before the stick comes out, ;likewise if the bridge is not wide enough you may miss the result. But your gently flowing river under a normal sized bridge is perfect.

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Marathon Poohsticks

A great variant of normal PoohSticks is Marathon PoohSticks, this does away with the bridge but not the river. In this version of the game you throw your stick in from the riverbank and then choose a spot further down the river that the is the finish line.

Obviously this does away with some of the dangers of PoohSticks such as running across a busy road to get to the other side, however does add the extra hurdles of making sure that you throw your stick out far enough and that the stick doesn’t get caught up along the route.

Solo Poohsticks

One of the wonderful things about the whole game is not that it is incredibly cheap to play, as in actually free, but also that it is also quite easy to play on your own if you have no friends or no friends available at the time.

You can play Solo Poohsticks and simply drop two sticks your self, one from either hand and see which one comes out from under the bridge first.

Things to Consider

1. The implement being used to play Poohsticks is very very important. It must float.

2. Where you throw the stick. Don’t throw it near obstacles that might stop the stick going down the river. Also you should try to throw it into the fastest part of the river.

3. Don’t throw your stick upstream. In fact strict PoohStick rules demand that sticks should not be thrown at all but just dropped from the bridge so as to not give an advantage.


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