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Pool Time Fun with Swimways

Updated on March 2, 2014

When I think of summer I think of all the fun it is possible to have in the water. When I was a kid we didn't have a pool so we went to the beach a lot but I don't remember having a lot of toys. We always had lots of fun even though we used what ever we could find on the beach. Everything from seaweed to logs!

Unfortunately today I still don't have a pool, but if I did these are some of the items I would make sure I had on hand.

These toys and floats are great for taking to the beach, to a campground or to have handy in your pool! They can make a good day in the sun and great way to have fun.

SwimWays has the best pool games and toys, pool floats, as well as swim training gear to make your summer fun in the water!

Spring Float Recliner Video

Float Recliner

This float is a great way to relax in the pool. Pour yourself a cold one and float away your cares! It offers great comfort as it also has a back rest. It is easy to open and easy to store.

Here is what one happy owner had to say about this recliner: "I ordered two of these after using one in a friend's pool. It is the most comfortable, supportive pool recliner I have ever tried. I can't comment on its durability as I haven't had it long enough."

Toypedo Bandits

These are great fun as you play catch with your child under water! They will glide up to 30 feet and are brightly colored to make them easier to see in the water. They have numbers on them so you can make a game of who gets the most points. For even more fun add the Toypedo Blast!

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this pool toy: "My son is learning to swim and loves these torpedoes. They don't float but he enjoys watching them glide through the water, then he dives down to get them. They are pretty basic rubber so there's nothing to break. I anticipate them being enjoyed for some time."

Swimming with Blake and a Toypedo Video

Baby Float with Canopy

This is a great way to introduce your child to the water. They stay comfortable and safe while floating in the pool. The removable canopy adds a layer of sun protection.

Here is what one happy owner had to say about the baby float: "Loved it! It is not big and bulky. It doesn't require a lot of air to inflate. The canopy works great. It collapses easy and fits back into its original package."

Pool Safety for Children

Certainly having a swimming pool is a great way to spend a hot summer day enjoying the water with family and friends. However, pools can be unsafe areas for children.

Of course everyone knows that you shouldn’t allow your children to be alone near a pool. However, children are drawn to water and it only takes a second for disaster to strike. Even if you are leaving the pool area for just a second, it is a good idea to take your child with you.

There are a number of ways that you can make the pool area safe. Certainly teaching your child to swim at an early age is a great idea, but there needs to be safety measures put in place as well.

Having a fence around the pool is a good first step and there should be a lock on any gates.

There are also a number of different alarms that can be set at the pool edge so that if someone falls in the alarm goes off. These devices are particularly handy if you have small children who can’t swim very well.

Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

This alarm, once installed at the pool edge, cannot be de-activated. It is tamper proof, however when you want to use the pool, you simply put the alarm in sleep mode.

It comes with a remote receiver and works on a 9-volt battery. There is even a low battery indicator.


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