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Portapuzzle and Jigsaw Puzzle Carrying Case Options for Keeping Your Puzzles Safe

Updated on May 23, 2011

Use a Portapuzzle or Puzzle Carrying Case to Keep Your Puzzle Safe

Using a puzzle carrying case option such as portapuzzle is a great way of keeping your puzzle safe when you're not working on it.

Completing jigsaw puzzles is a great pastime, and the more you do, the more (and bigger) you want to do - and this can raise the problem of where to keep them.

Once a puzzle gets to around 1000 pieces it starts to take up quite a bit of room, and as it's unlikely (unless you are a puzzle genius) to be completed in a day you need somewhere to store it while at home.

Puzzles are also great activities to do while away from home, such as family holidays are they are something that everyone can work on. However you then have the problem of how to transport a half finished puzzle.

Portapuzzle Standard Puzzleboard 1000
Portapuzzle Standard Puzzleboard 1000

Porta Puzzle and Puzzle Caddy Options

You can now solve both the problem of how to keep puzzles together while on the move and how to store them in one go with a puzzle carrier.

There are various designs of puzzle caddy, from roll up mats to rigid cases with special linings to stop your puzzle pieces from moving about.

Roll Up Puzzle Mats

This is the cheapest option when it comes to transporting puzzles. The puzzles is put together on a mat which is then rolled up to keep the pieces snug and secure.

This is a very simple to use idea but there are a couple of things to be aware off. The mats are made of a non-slip material so that the pieces do not slide all over the place. This is great for storage, but if you are used to making puzzles on a table top be aware that pieces do not slide on a non slip mat, you need to pick them up and move them - which seems to be a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to carry your puzzle around with you.

Puzzle Boards and Puzzle Carrying Cases

 Puzzle carrying cases such as porta puzzle provide an easy and convenient way of transporting your puzzle around and keeping it flat.

Puzzle caddys come in different sizes to suit different sizes of puzzle such as the portapuzzle 1000 (for 1000 piece puzzles) and the Jigsort 500 (for up to 500 piece puzzles)

With this system there is a rigid flat board on which the puzzle is completed, along with separate boards on which pieces can be sorted or smaller sections of the puzzle completed. The whole system then fits inside a carrying case which can be secured to keep your puzzle pieces in place.


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