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Post-Apocalyptic Games for XBox 360 and PS3

Updated on November 19, 2010

Before we begin, let me just say this: Most post-apocalyptic lists simply list games as a general concept, a description purely for you to look at and decide what you want, however that's not what this article is about. Let's consider this list of post apocalyptic games to be a "to do" list. Why? because there is a huge lack of great post-apocalyptic games, and the few that are worth mentioning should definitely be tried out, not just considered.

There is a huge fanbase for post-apocalyptic games for the xbox360, PS3, and all other platforms since the NES era for that matter, but few post apocalyptic games have ever been created (in comparison) to really provide the experience gamers yern for. With that said, let's dive right into it and look at some of the great current post apocalyptic games that are available, the ones that are worth your time and are currently available to cure your post-apocalyptic craving.


Post Apocalyptic Games: Borderlands

The first game in this post apocalyptic list would be Borderlands. It's not the cheapest of options just yet, but it is well worth the money, but if you're a real stickler about price tags, make sure to watch and wait for it to drop a bit and get it as soon as possible. But really, why wait? Borderlands is already under 30 dollars at

Borderlands has something going for it that not many do, 4 player co-op in a post-apocalyptic world. I remember my days playing Resident Evil 2 on my Playstation, and wishing it had a co-op mode so me and my brother could play together. Ever since, any game that allows co-op is a win with me, much less a 4 man co-op.

A fun concept with this game is that it has mixed RPG elements into the gameplay, allowing you to choose classes and modify skills as you progress through the game, which in turn creates GREAT replay value for your hard earned money

Fallout 3 Gameplay
Fallout 3 Gameplay

Post Apocalyptic Games: Fallout 3

Who would be shocked that this gets put into the list? This is one of the few that needs no real introduction. Thousands of people have spent hours upon hours running through the Wastelands of Fallout 3. It has become a top selling game for a reason, so even though everyone and there momma has already played through this post apocalyptic world, I would suggest picking it back up once you tire of the rest, and give it another run through.

However, there is still something to mention about this game: It is the third in a series of a great post-apocalyptic storyline, and many people have completely missed the first and second in the franchise. The great part? You can get the entire trilogy for around $15 bucks from places such as Best Buy, Walmart, or even

Fallout New Vegas Scenery
Fallout New Vegas Scenery

Post Apocalyptic Games: Fallout New Vegas

Didn't I just say the Fallout series was a Trilogy? SURPRISE! (Okay, more than likely not really a surprise) Fallout New Vegas was recently released, creating a fourth game in this great post apocalyptic game series.

There are however, a couple flaws with this game. First off, it does not have TOO MUCH new content compared to Fallout 3. It uses the same animations and models as the previous, but it does add a few new features and a new storyline, which is well worth it for you post-apocalyptic game lovers. Secondly, it has a few bugs in it, which can become somewhat annoying (sometimes causing you to restart) but there are plans in the works to solve this issue via a patch download.
Regardless of the issues, this game is a must have for anyone that reads this.

Post Apocalyptic Games: Half-Life Series

Next up is another obvious winner in the post apocalyptic game worlds, the Half-Life series. Who could forget one of the most infamous series possible? Venturing into a world where science has gone horribly, horribly wrong, allowing for tons of creepy enemies to enter the world and leaving you with weapons ranging from a gravity gun, able to throw anything from saw blades to toilets at your enemy, to the infamously fun, and simple crowbar. This is a must for any list of post-apocalyptic games no matter who you are.

Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2

Post Apocalyptic Games: Left 4 Dead Series

Finally, somewhat of a newcomer to the post apocalyptic game world, is the left 4 dead series. What it lacks in deep storyline, it more than makes up for with hordes of the undead. Fight your way through hundreds and hundreds...and hundreds of monstrous enemies, from zombies that want to rip your flesh from your bones, to giant tanks that just want to flatten you out like a pancake. This game provides tons of online co-op play, brilliant graphics, and high adrenalin action, it's sure to be a winning title in any mans book.

Left 4 Dead Gameplay

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