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Potty racers 2

Updated on January 8, 2011

The objective of potty racers 2

The objective of the game and goal of each level in potty racers 2 is very straight forward and easy to understand. You are in control of a portable potty, and you need to fly that potty across a body of water. The distance that you have to fly varies for each level, the first level is obviously the easiest level to complete in potty racers 2 and then there are a few more levels, and the distance increases making it harder to fly the distance.

How to earn money in potty racers 2

In potty racers 2 you have to add airplane parts onto your portable potty because without airplane parts then your portable potty will not fly the distance required. To be able to purchase airplane parts in potty racers 2 you will need to earn money, and you do this by completing a level or you earn money by attempting to complete a level. Either way you will earn money, and will be able to buy plane parts, so the more attempts you try at beating a level in potty racers 2 the more money you will make. You can also purchase tricks in potty racers 2. The farther the distance you can go, and the more tricks that you can perform while flying, the more money you will earn.

Potty racers 2 controls

The controls are very easy to use in potty racers 2. You use the number 1 to perform a trick, the number 2 to perform another trick, the number 3 to perform another trick, and the number 4 to perform yet another trick. So basically in potty racers 2 you use the numbers 1 thru 4 to perform tricks while you are flying. The back arrow is to ascend the plane, while the forward arrow is to descend the plane. The up arrow is to put up the landing wheels, while the down area is to put down the landing wheels. The arrow buttons are basically used in potty racers 2 to keep the plane balance and to ascend and descend. The space-bar is used to give the engine some fuel while you are flying. The controls in potty racers 2 do not take long to get use to at all.

Tips on how to beat the levels in potty racers 2

There are a few tips that you can follow in order to beat the levels in potty racers 2. A good tip is once you are able to perform tricks, to keep holding down the 1 button to perform the loop trick, and then to just keep pressing the space-bar every few seconds. Another good tip to follow to beat levels in potty racers 2 is to just keep pressing and holding the back arrow button and then pressing the space bar when you notice that the plane starts to descend, there is a meter to the right that shows how high you are, and when that meter starts to go down then you give the potty some fuel, but try to only make the amount of fuel go down by 10, then wait until the meter goes down and again give the potty some fuel but try to make sure that the fuel meter only goes down by 10. Keep on doing this and you are almost guaranteed to beat the levels in potty racers 2.


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