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Practices safe baby toys and savings(Part 2)

Updated on March 29, 2016

Wind chimes from a straw

Leveraging the plastic cups or paper cups, parachute cord, plastic multi-colored beads, straws, colored drawing. If the glass rim, then cut and stamping holes around the rim. Then you can invite your child to fill the glass-house. At the same time despite a 4-5 wire cutting custom size fiber glass. Cut straws into many small pieces to prepare the string to the wire.

First tie a knot at the other end fixed, then beaded round in front, followed by suction then colored beads, so staggered. Every time will knotted string right there. With the last of the wire - that wire in between, you must append a string section a different color to make hooks.

String the wire hanger through the hole made in the bottom of the glass and then continue to string beads and straws below. If there tinkling like, you can buy more bells and strings at the bottom. So you've finished making wind chimes from a straw color and an extremely easy.

Toys quick eye

Make use of discarded pieces of wood, if the wood is not smooth, the mother and the baby can have polished announced. Use pencil drawing of your favorite images on it, painted with non-toxic paints to ensure the safety of the baby. So you had the homemade product is the duo of duck, fish, butterflies, trees and homes I got you.


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