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Pre Order Homefront Xbox 360

Updated on March 3, 2011
Pre Order Homefront Xbox 360 | PS3
Pre Order Homefront Xbox 360 | PS3

Pre Order Homefront Xbox 360

Why Pre Order Homefront Xbox 360 | PS3 Online From Amazon ?

Here you can Pre Order Homefront for Xbox 360 ( or PS3 )from Amazon Online and avail exclusive bonus offer worth $10 for future video game purchase. In addition you get an outfit of Homefront for Xbox 320 and PS3 avatar and free Mini Guide Homefront: Enter the Occupation. Amazon is the best place to pre order Homefront online for either Xbox 360 or PS3 because they promise you the Pre -order Price Gurarantee for Homefront' this means that if anytime the price of this game drop before the final release, you'll receive the lowest price. This assures that you don't pay a penny higher than the least price in market. They also give you a chance to buy the Homefront Collector's edition and get 5% lesser than the least price. These assure offers in Amazon would be far better than any lucky-draw lucky draw prizes offered from other competitors. As the pre orders have risen to wild figures there is very little chance for us to be lucky enough to win the prize.You can pre order Homefront ( Xbox 360 | PS3) online now from Amazon through the product link at the right side of this text.

Should I Pre Order Homefront ?

Homefront from Kaos Studios' have already set a new record for the highest ever pre order for THQ (the producer). Now the figures have risen to 200000 reservations for Homefront. I guess even for a novice gamer this is a plenty enough reason to pre order the game.After-all, 200000 gamers can't go that wrong. This also means that you've enough fun n shooting going to happen on the online arena of Homefront.

Free With Homefront pre order

Avatars For Xbox and PS3
Avatars For Xbox and PS3
Manual : Enter the Occupation
Manual : Enter the Occupation

More About The Game - Homefront

The script of this first person shooter game is written by the famous Hollywood script writer John Milius (writer of Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn). The year is 2027. USA loses the powers and yield to Korean invasion, you are recruited as an ex military pilot and a very different America serves as the battle ground. You can play this game Online in Multi-player mode that supports up to 32 players. Each team fights the battle in urban and rural scenarios of a theoretically torn America and end's when a team succesfully secures the 'battle area' through guerrilla war tactics and other exceptional military tactics.Homefront's twist is the addition of 'battle point' which you earn for killing the foe and accomplishing objectives. They can be used purchase guns, tanks and choppers on the fly. For more detailed narration and enthralling visual extravaganza of Homefront, watch the video! You can pre order Homefront for Xbox 360 | PS3 online now from Amazon through the product link present just near to the first paragraph.

Should I Pre order Homefront ? - Watch This Video and Decide


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