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Pre-Order N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun Before Its Gone

Updated on July 20, 2011
Pre-order N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun Before It's Gone
Pre-order N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun Before It's Gone

Nerf guns have come a long way since they were introduced onto the toy market. They started with a simple manual, single-shot gun that eventually evolved into what we play with today, the rapid-fire battery operated Nerf guns.

With the latest addition to the Nerf Gun Weapons Artillery, the N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun, it is no wonder it is fast becoming the most sought after gift for Christmas.

The N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun is a tripod-mounted, battery-powered weapon capable of taking preloaded ammo magazines allowing for quick reloading in those tight spots. With all the positive reviews this latest addition has gotten, you might want to pre-order the N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun before it's gone!

Some of the reviews of testing of this awesome Nerf gun weapon have given it a thumbs up. Not only are they reporting about how easy it is to use but also that the Stampede is less prone to jams that have plagued some of the previous models of the battery operated Nerf gun weapons. Another plus for this rapid-fire weapon is the ability to pop in a new magazine and keep rockin-n-rollin' with the fun!

Here are the pros of the new N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun:

  • Fully automatic Nerf Clip System blaster
  • Pop-out bipod, which doubles as a handle
  • Removable shield allows for transition to Attack Mode

Now for the cons of the N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun:

  • Requires a screwdriver to open battery chamber
  • A little heavy for mobile or offensive missions (only if you are having to stand your ground to defend your turf)

Then there is the dreaded cleaning up the war zone once the firing has ceased. This can always be seen as a con but then you get to start all over with the fun, so maybe it's really not such a bad thing after all.

The N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun is recommended for ages 6yrs. old and Up and requires 6 "D" batteries that are not included with the gun. When ordered through Amazon it comes with the following items:

  • blast shield
  • three 18-dart extended clips
  • one 6-dart clip
  • 60 Clip System darts
  • pop-out bi-pod and instructions

So be prepared this year and don't be the one who misses out on one of the "hottest Christmas Gifts" of the year. Pre-order your N Strike Stampede Nerf Gun before it's gone and prepare yourself for the smiling faces at Christmas when the lucky kid (or big kid) opens this awesome present!

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