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Pre-release Halo 4 review, and what you can expect.

Updated on July 19, 2012


This hub will talk about what I can expect to see from the new Bungie game Halo 4. This will be from weapons, to game content, to the players to expect, even to what it means for xbox itself. I will also continue to write hubs once the game comes out with guides for missions, and online play. Thanks in advance for reading, and please feel free to comment or throw in your peace of mind of what you expect.

My experience.

First let me take a look at Halo 3. I remember that I was always a Playstation guy, and had each one right up until the third. When the Playstation 3 came out, I sat back, and waited, and continued playing Playstation 2 games. The reason I jumped to Xbox 360, and still have one now was because of Halo 3. I bought Halo 3 with my Xbox, and was ready for a whole new online experience. I was more than happy with what I found, and soon after bought Call of Duty 4 for Xbox 360 as well. But overall it was the Halo 4 game that made me switch over from one network console to the other. Personally I liked the game, and thought it was fun, but never bought any of the updates, map packs, extra game content that came out for Halo 3.. So I left my experience off with that, and have not played the game for a few years.

With that being said, I look at what I remember about Halo 3 from my experience. I remember never seeing a game like that, back then. I remember the initial voice chat of the game (being on PS2 didn't have online play or a headset). I remember the cool vehicles to play around in on Halo 3. Overall it was the game that made me stick with the Xbox 360, and I am more than Happy I bought the game, and console.

The Game

Now with all that being said lets get to Halo 4. Initially I can see a LOT of kids playing the game. Just a prediction, but I see that half the kids out there (who shouldn't be playing) will be split between Halo 4, and Black Ops 2. I think that its easy to say that the kids will hop from MW3 right now, and jump into the new game, and will even go as far as I will probably see, and you will too, see many kids at the midnight release of the game with their parents. So what does that mean, hopefully Halo 4 will have a mute system like many of the other most popular games, because that will make everyone's like easier if they can mute right from the room and do not have to go to someones profile.

Another thing I expect to see, is a server crash for the first week. At given points I can see the Bungie servers (if there not completely ready) and the Treyarch servers crashing. It happens on every BIG game release, and does not last long, but the servers still do tend to crash. There is not much you can do about this, and happens from too many people playing. At this point developing companies are starting to make their servers more advanced, and able to hold a lot more stress, but with Halo 3 being the biggest game for Xbox back in the day, and to wait this long before the new installment, I can easily say there is more hype for Halo 4. I think that there will be record numbers of people playing at midnight, and that midnight releases are going to be jam packed. So be ready for that as well.

I also think we will see a lot of people getting Xbox 360's. Whether they had no system before, jumping over from Playstation, or coming on to the network itself, I expect to see a lot of new Xbox players on live for Halo 4. It was revolutionary for Xbox with Halo 3, and I think Halo 4 will bring the same effect considering it is only available to Xbox, and not Playstation. So I also expect to see the Xbox live community grow drastically when the new game comes out.

So now that I have talked about what you will expect to see with the non game details, let me talk about Halo 4. Now I haven't done much studying about this game simply because I want to be fully surprised. I want to not expect anything that will happen, and want to fully enjoy the game. So I expect first off to have a lot of the same weapons. Whether they introduce new weapons or not ( I assume new weapons will be brought in) I can see the same weapons from Halo 3 being brought back. Those were a lot of the big weapons from previous Halo games, and I can see them being equally important in the new game.

I also hope they bring back a lot of the vehicles from Halo 3, along with putting new vehicles in the game. I was very happy with the Ghost, and the Jeep.. They were fun to drive, and allowed you to play with something to entertain yourself every once in a while. I don't know if they will bring in other vehicles but those are my hopes as of now.

As far as the maps go. I did see that Bungie is planning on releasing a total of 9 maps as bonus content. This is good because I can remember the repetition of Halo 3 maps, and really got sick of it fast. So hopefully Bungie will stick to releasing the maps in a timely fashion, and hopefully they are decent maps. I really liked the maps from Halo 3, and now I am more picky ( Playing sooooo many Call Of Duty online maps) so I know I will be picky, I just hope that Bungie does an adequate job of bringing new maps into the game.

So there you have it. My expectations, of what we can expect from the new game. I will keep you up to date with any major releases I hear about, and talk about them, but for now I don't think Bungie, now Treyarch are trying to let any specifics about there game out. I wish they would, but I don't think any updates will come out for another month, and until we start getting closer to the release of the new game.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      I mean, it comes down to opinion... As far as the maps.. And this was written a long time ago back when mention of Halo 4 started. In the end everyone has their own opinions as far as maps.

    • profile image

      pacgod 5 years ago

      your very ill-informed, the game is not a bungie game anymore, microsoft has taken over the game with 343 industry, bungie has moved on to other stuff, tho from what ive heared alot of poeple left to join 343 to contunie to work on the halo games. And picky from playing CoD maps? dude CoD maps are complete crap compared to halo maps.