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Priest Pvp Guide - 6.0.3

Updated on February 24, 2015

The Priest in Pvp

Ever since vannila, priests have been one of the best and most liked healers and supporting class. Things slowly changed as the healing diversified and each class changed to target a different healing pattern.

Currently, Discipline Priests are still one of the best supporting classes in the arena. They offer beside decent healing, very powerful absorption shields and a variety of buffs. Shadow is also an amazing spec in the arena as it allows you to control a fight and turn it into your favor. It does require a decent amount of skill to play it at its full potential.

When it comes to battlegrounds, if you plan on playing support, both Holy and Discipline will do. Holy will be far better at keeping the whole group alive while disci will be better at keeping key targets alive (flag carrier). Shadow priests are great because they can deal huge damage from relative safety while other melee classes fight it off in the middle of the fight.

Generally speaking, the priest has a decent amount of defensive and utility cd's aimed specifically for pvp situations. They do require some skill to maximize their potential.

Best Alliance Priest Pvp Races

Human - While the small bonus to 2 secondary stats is nice to have, the cd is amazing as it basically saves you a trinket slot which you can replace with a damage cd.

Worgen - A sprint ability is always useful. The added crit bonus and Shadow and Nature damage reduction are also good.

Night Elf - Increased dodge and movement speed which is always nice to have. The small haste or crit bonus is also nice to have but it is Shadowmeld that is the deal breaker. Especially for a non-stealth class.

Dwarf - Additional defensive cd + small boost to crit and healing.

My Favorite: Human

What is the best Pvp Priest Race ? (Alliance)

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Best Horde Priest Pvp Races

Undead - Probably the best Horde priest race for pvp. First of all you get an amazing defensive cd that does not share with the pvp trinket. Secondly, Touch of the Grave is amazing as it boosts your dps and provides some additional self heal when attacking.

Troll - Very useful cast speed boost along with improved regeneration. Not to mention a reduced duration of movement impairing effects. Simply awesome.

Tauren - Very resilient thanks to improved health. Also the Stomp is great when you are focused on. The small boost to crit damage is also nice to have.

Blood Elf - Good stats, an aoe silence ability and reduced magic damage. Enough said.

Goblin - The rocket jump is great for getting out of nasty situations.

My favorite: Undead

What is the best Pvp Priest Race ? (Horde)

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Best Priest Pvp Specs ?

The beautiful thing about the specs for priests is that they are perfectly clear. Unlike the hunter where all of them are for dps and all of them can be used for the same role, the priests doesn't get this dilemma.

Discipline - One of the best supporting specs for arena. Your teammate will love you, your enemies will hate you. Very resilient spec that is based on powerful shields rather than potent heals.

Holy - This is clearly a pve spec for healing but can be very useful in battlegrounds where you need to heal a large number of players. More killable than Discipline overall and more cast dependent so not really great for arena.

Shadow - If the first specs where both supporting specs, this one is dps. You will be bale to do a ton of Shadow dps, have great cd's and can easily play with the enemies. Plus you know ... if you want to play dps, it is the only spec to do it.

Before we take a closer look at each one, cast your vote :)

What is the Best Priest Pvp Spec ?

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Discipline Priest Pvp Spec


Level 15: Spectral Guise

Level 30: Body and Soul

Level 45: Power Word: Solace

Level 60: Void Tendrils / Dominate Mind

Level 75: Power Infusion

Level 90: Halo

Level 100: Clarity of Will

Discipline is one of the best supporting specs for 2v2 in the arena. It offers amazing utility coupled with very annoying shields and buffs. The talent choice is meant to further increase their potential in the arena.

Dominate mind allows you to essentially disable 1 player and allow your teammate to focus on the other. This means that the damage burst done to you will be far lower and you can always cancel the spell and shield your ally. Plus you can move the enemy far from the fight. Body and Soul seems like the obvious choice considering you will be Power Word: Shield-ing everything green. Solace may seem like a weird choice but keep in mind the spell is instant and also heals an ally for 100% of the damage dealt (Atonement). So you basically have an instant heal that also damages and enemy and applies a dot. Simply epic.

Spectral Guise provides the most survivability and should allow you to play with the enemies. Desperate Prayer is useless and the shield basically only happens once and I would rather confuse the enemies from time to time and as a result prevent far more damage than that shield would have absorbed.

Halo seems like the only viable choice for the arena as the other options are useless (Cascade will only hit once and Divine Star has too low damage and heal).

Clarity of Will is basically a cast shield to use when you can run away and it provides an amazing shield that can be coupled with your existing Power Word: Shield and also benefits from your mastery.

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Holy Priest Pvp Spec


Level 15: Spectral Guise

Level 30: Angelic Feather

Level 45: Surge of Light

Level 60: Void Tendrils

Level 75: Twist of Fate

Level 90: Halo

Level 100: Clarity of Purpose

The only role that Holy has in pvp is as a battleground healer. It can be used in the arena, but it will never reach the supporting potential Discipline has. So the talents are picked to improve the priests role as a group healer.

Spectral Guise is the only viable pvp spell and allows you to potentially escape or at least confuse enemies. Angelic Feather is epic for this role because it offers you the ability to provide a huge utility boost to your team. Place them in narrow spots to make sure your allies walk through them (most will most likely not even notice them). These are great to support the flag carrier for example. The tier 3 talent choice seemed like the best from the tier. None really offer any major boost in group situations, but this choice will offer from time to time free Flash Heals to use on the most injured players.

Void Tendrils offers a mass control spell which is epic for battlegrounds. Twist of Fate is the best choice because you will generally always heal someone who is low therefor you should have this buff on most of the time.

Halo seems like the most potent spell, especially since you should generally be at max range when you heal. This means you should do a massive aoe heal with it. You do need to know how to position yourself though.

Clarity of Purpose is by far the only choice as it improves your aoe healing making you able to sustainably heal a group all by yourself.

Shadow Priest Pvp Spec


Level 15: Spectral Guise

Level 30: Phantasm

Level 45: Insanity

Level 60: Void Tendrils

Level 75: Twist of Fate

Level 90: Halo

Level 100: Clarity of Power

This shadow spec is arguably the best choice and it literally makes the priest a shadow mage. The downside is that this means that your playstyle up until level 100 will have to suddenly change from dots to instant burst spells.

Void Tendrils offer an instant aoe root that seems just too good to pass for a ranged dps. They will usually offer a couple of seconds when you can burst the enemy, or at least use a cd. Phantasm allows you to get away from nasty slows and keep a distance. Solace and Insanity drastically boosts your Mind Flay damage if used properly. Spectral Guise offers a good defensive spell that can also confuse enemies.

Again, Halo seems like the only viable pvp option as the others either are very situational, or offer a minimum effect.

Unlike other classes, the talents won't have such a huge impact on the Shadow Priest.

The Priest in the Arena

When it comes to the arena, 2 specs stand out: Discipline and Shadow. Discipline is one of the best 2 v 2 supporting specs and offers superb utility. Shadow is your only dps spec so if you plan on playing dps, there is no way around it. Does require some skill to play and tends to be very specialized (Shadow damage) meaning it will work better against certain combos and not so well against others.

Let's have a look at some combos and how they should be played out:

Discipline/Dps - Your goal is to outlast the other team. If you are up against 2 dps, then you need to be bale to outheal a huge damage burst. This is where Mind Control is useful as it allows you to eliminate one dps from the burst. Make sure you keep Power Word: Shield up all the time and remember that with the current talent build, casting Penance will give you an instant shield with no requirements. If you are against a healer/dps combo, then you need to know how to play it. You can either try to outlast the enemy healer, or try and keep the healer controlled. When the dps gets lower and the healer gets ready to heal, Mind Control the healer and move him behind a pillar or wall.

Shadow/Dps - This is a much rarer combination that can potentially be deadly. If you are up against 2 dps, focus the one with fewer defensive cd's related to Shadow damage. When dealing against a much common dps/heal combo, you need to keep pressure on the healer. Being a hybrid means you can also heal from time to time. Timing your cds will be crucial.

Keep in mind you have superb utility spells like Void Shift and the ally pulling spell. They can easily turn a fight around if used properly.

The Priest in Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds are different from the arena. First of all you are dealing with large groups of players. And secondly there are key objectives and killing or simply staying alive will not get you a win.

All 3 specs can be played in battlegrounds, but it is vital to understand each of their roles.

Discipline - As a disci priest, your role will be to protect key targets. You should always support the flag carrier or a base defender. Do not go where the big fight is. Go with a dps and hold key points like bases.

Holy - The holy priest should be behind every major team fight in battlegrounds. You will generally be the aoe healer of the group so it is your job to keep most of the group alive. Positioning is vital as you need to always follow the larger chunk of the group.

Shadow - As a shadow priest you should avoid large team fights and focus on single targets. Get a healer with you or take another dps and go hold a base. You have good control abilities so make good use of them. remember, in battlegrounds it is sometimes far more useful to stall 20 more sec than to almost kill a player and lose a base.

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